Flashback Films
The Man From Snowy River
By Margaret Blanc
Feb 1, 2002 - 11:27:00 AM

HOLLYWOOD—A favorite of mine since adolescence, this movie has all of the vital ingredients a little romance, adventure, great scenery, beautiful music and HORSES.

The story takes place in 1880s Australia and centers around the exploits of young Jim Craig, played by Tom Burlinson. Upon the death of his father, Jim is told he must "earn" the right to live up in the high country, as his father did before him. His path to return to his family homestead is challenged by a wild herd of horses.

Kirk Douglas also stars in a dual role, as twin brothers, one of whom is an old family friend to Jim. With its fantastic cinematography and musical score, this movie will have you riding along with Jim as he dares to tame the wild herd and prove he is the man from Snowy River.

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