Beets, Its Not Cranberry Sauce
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 3, 2014 - 5:47:00 AM

UNITED STATES—I’d like to consider myself a fruit and vegetable connoisseur, but I must admit there is one veggie that I have never tried and I’m terrified to consume. Any guesses as to what this vegetable may be?  It’s the BEET. Yes, I’m gravely scared of beets, even though I hear they are quite healthy for the body. I first became familiar with the veggie as a kid, seeing it as an addition to many Greek salads. 

Beets are a vegetables packed with zinc.


So for those wondering, beets can be eaten cooked or raw, most people prefer the veggie to be cooked, rather it’s by broiling, boiling or roasting. When it comes to pickling, the beet is a staple in the South. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to get beet juice on your clothing, as it’s difficult to eliminate; similar to cherry or blueberry juice in my opinion.


I’ve been eagerly searching for a fruit or veggie that is packed with zinc for the body, and the beet tops my list so far. Beets are also a great source of potassium, folate and magnesium, but be careful as the sodium content is up there. Overconsumption of beets can alter the color of urine in the body. Some studies have shown that beet juice has an effect on reducing blood pressure and because this vegetable contains betaines, a form of an amino acid that has an impact on reducing liver disease to prevent fatty buildups.


I made a promise in 2014, to try out some fruits and veggies that frighten me. The beet is the first on my list. So for those of you a bit skeptical about how to utilize the veggie, I’d start with slicing the beet and incorporating it into a salad. After you become a bit more familiar with the veggie, its taste, its texture, then begin to implement it into some savory dishes by roasting or broiling the root vegetable.

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