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Can You Find Love In Cyberspace?
By Sean McConnor
Jul 1, 2003 - 11:03:00 PM

Screenshot taken from eharmony.com
LOS ANGELESOkay. I am a softie. I write tough and loud columns and do unusual reporting, but I am like everyone else; I am searching for that special woman to fill the void in my life. It is not that I am bored. I work full-time, play on a sports team, and write for Canyon News. I am plenty busy and, sometimes, pretty lonely.

What's a guy to do? Since I have spent half my life on the computer, at work and at home, I thought maybe online dating would be the answer for me. Well, it was. I searched the Internet, found a couple of dating services and was able to check them out for free. I could not answer any ads, but I could see what I was getting into... or so I thought.

I paid the necessary 20 bucks, picked a screen name, got a password and I was on it. Believe me, I have been on for three weeks and have had the time of my life. For a shy guy like me, the online personals are a godsend. I am able to announce to the world what kind of woman I would like to meet and the personals take over.

The computer will pair you with a person who is your match. It allows you to read the ads to pick someone you might like and it also allows another person to read your ad and check you out.

I have sent out about 50 inquiries and I have received about 20 responses. That's not bad for 20 bucks. It has spared my ego as well as my wallet.

What kinds of people have emailed me back, allowed me to call them, and even meet them? I would say some pretty nice women. I am very impressed with 95 percent of them. The other 5 percent I will tell you about later.

The really classy women will respond to your e-mails when you send them your profile and picture, which you are allowed to post. Approximately one third of them thanked me for writing, but I wasn't what they were looking for. One lady wanted a social drinker. Another woman thought I was not old enough and another thought I wasn't tall enough. Okay, that is fine. Rejection without humiliation.

The really ratty women came through too. One woman wanted to know if middle-aged guys are as well endowed as young guys. Another woman told me she had changed her e-mail address and to check it out on a website. She was a striking brunette woman. Her website turned out to be pornographic. Shame on her! The personals were supposed to be for legitimate searching.

Four women gave me their phone numbers. I called two of them and they either were dating someone exclusively or had a boyfriend, but we could be friends. "Nada," I said. I don't date committed people. I wouldn't do it if I were committed either.

Two of the women I have talked to on the phone and met in person. The first meeting was 40 miles away, one-way. The lady was older in person than she advertised in the ad. She was nice, but there was no connection. I sensed she wanted a rich guy.

The second woman and I clicked the second we met. Ever meet someone and feel so comfortable, as if you have known him or her forever? Well, this lady and I have so many of the same interests that it is not even funny. We talked briefly and I met her at a softball game in which she played. Afterwards, I said goodbye and the next day I e-mailed her. For now, we agreed to use e-mail because she has a stupid cell that never seems to work and she can access the e-mail on her many business travels. Is she the one? Is this for real? For 20 bucks, have I found a special person to spend time with? Stay tuned. I promise to keep you posted.

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