Letters to the Editor
Letter To The Editor
By Mike Kirchubel
Jan 16, 2005 - 7:26:00 PM

Arnold Schwarzenegger is correct calling Registered Nurses a "special interest" group. These darn nurses are constantly fighting for their special interests, their patients. Arnie, on the other hand, is only beholden to his Billionaire Boy's Club buddies who give him money. For example, members of the California hospital industry gave him "donations" and asked that he stop the law setting a limit of five patients for each nurse. Arnie dutifully delayed the 5:1 ratio law for three years. Studies show that if we go from our current 6 patients to one nurse ratio to a 4 to one ratio, patient deaths would drop by 14%.


Profits would drop by 5%, but with over $4 billion in profits last year, California hospitals have plenty of room to improve. Simply put, this a battle between profits and lives. Is it any wonder that nurses always rank among the most trusted professionals and politicians among the least trusted?

We are all just a drunk driver away from our own hospital bed and the complete reliance upon a nurse for our every need. Her patient load will determine how quickly and how well our needs are met. Arnie and his Billionaire Boy's Club buddies are unconcerned; knowing they'll always get the best care money can buy.

For the next three years, whenever a patient complains of a delay in getting pain medication, antibiotics, wound care, food, or even a bedpan, his nurse should remind him that Arnie sold us out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're the "girlie man." You're too weak to resist being pumped-up with injections of special interest money and too puny to fight the strings attached. You say you're kicking the special interests' butts, but we all see you kissing them instead. Pity, we had all hoped you
were stronger.

Mike Kirchubel

Fairfield, CA

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