Letters to the Editor
Letter To The Editor
By Jay Handal II
Feb 27, 2005 - 8:24:00 PM

Shame on the council 6!!!


The decision by the six council members not to let the voters decide on a new sales tax to employ new police was wrong and disheartening. I am angry, not because I believe any of the six are anti police, but rather because of their reaffirming their lack of trust in the voters' decision making, most of whom voted them into office.


The excuses were pitiful. The campaigning by Mr. Villaraigosa was improper for a council discussion. Do we forget who took our money and who was there to vote the money away from the city? Should we be reminded that this is the first mayor to do more than say we need more police? A mayor who actually brought forth a plan... It is too bad his timing was wrong-he did it in an election year with two council members running for his seat.  Politicizing our safety is wrong. As a business owner on the Westside who has had two take-over robberies in the past six months, with 15 minute police response time, it is very obvious to me we need more police. Surrounding cities have made public safety a priority, as has now Mr. Hahn. It is too bad that one vote could not be mustered up to allow the voters to make an informed decision. Not even the one vote after an impassioned plea from the son of a murdered store owner in Councilman Weiss� district--the councilman who was a federal prosecutor yet proves to be inattentive to his constituents and soft on crime. I hope the voters look very carefully at this upcoming election, including those council seats up for election, and choose the candidates that welcome our votes, always, not selectively.






Jay Handal II

San Gennaro Cafe


West L.A. Chamber of Commerce



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