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Letter to the Editor: Torpedo Central
Mar 6, 2005 - 1:42:00 PM

To the Editors:

I do not understand how Henry Meyerding can claim that facts are important
in journalism and then state:

"If the "Swift Boat Veterans" campaign is any gauge, the plan to torpedo AARP will be marked by outrageous statements, ridiculous generalizations,  character assassination, and outright lies."

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth message was our message, not from some  media organization. We told the American people our view of John Kerry's service in and after Vietnam. Our statements are summarized in the documentaries at www.swiftvets.com. The facts in these documentaries have not been overturned or disproven. In fact, Kerry has now retracted his "Christmas in Cambodia" testimony to Congress. He agreed to finally release the records that would resolve the issues surrounding his Purple Heart and
discharge on Meet the Press, but hasn't done so.

We aren't involved in the AARP-Social Security issue in any way but we do care about our reputation. In this case, unless Mr. Meyerding can present facts to refute our views, his comments towards SwiftVets should be characterized, in his own words, as outrageous statements, ridiculous generalizations, character assassination, and outright lies.

Tom Wright
Officer in Charge, PCF 44 & 89

Savannah, GA


The article by Mr. Meyerding, Torpedo Central, is so full of inaccuracies and distortions it should be printed with a warning to the reader. Clearly, Meyerding has his own agenda. Unfortunately, being accurate and truthful does not appear to be one of his concerns.


As far as the Swift Boat veterans for Truth are concerned, Mr. Meyerding's assessment of their accusations demonstrates an astounding lack of knowledge. The fact remains that, to date, not a single accusation by the "Swifties" has been proven to be false. Mr. Meyerding should do a little homework before he puts pen to paper.

Richard Montgomery

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