Letters to the Editor
Letter To The Editor: Jackson Or Justice?
By Belinda Nivens Golder
Mar 20, 2005 - 7:51:00 PM

It is time for us to look out for our youth. It is very easy for us to sit back and give our opinions on what we think or believe happened concerning the Michael Jackson case. We need to take it a step further. We need to protect and preserve the innocence of our children. We live in a microwave generation where we want everything quick, fast and in a hurry. We want to rush our children instead of letting them enjoy their adolescence. May justice have its perfect way concerning Michael and the allegations brought against him. There is a voice that seems to cry out. It may be a voice that is crying because Mr. Jackson needs help and prayer. It may the voice of children crying out for protection. It could be Mr. Jackson crying to clear his name. It could be us crying with concern for today's youth. Whether the accusations are true or false, it should be an eye opening experience or a wake up call for us to protect the best interest of the child. The media's hype might rest with this case with Mr. Jackson but the problem didn't originate here and sadly it doesn't end here.

Sex with minors should not be tolerated or accepted. We send our children to school. It is up to us to teach, train, protect and guide them in the right direction. It is our desire to put them on a path that will lead them to their independence. It is our desire for them to excel and to do well in life. Today we welcome some of the older youth into the work place. We drop our titles and everyone is on the first name basis. Does this relaxed atmosphere really cause everyone to think that he or she and the youth are all the same age because they are now working on the same page? The legal age may vary from state to state. They look a little more mature but they are still children. It is said that the legal age for drinking isn't reached until age 21. What is really going on in our society? It is a lack of discipline, wisdom, self respect and respect for other people's children that drives middle age or older individuals to chasing and preying on children or youth young enough to be their children. We were thought to have the intellectual capacity higher than that of animals. How can we train, teach and domesticate animals, if we elect to behave just like them. If you find yourself behaving in this manner or going through a mid-life crisis, it may not be a man or woman that you are looking at in the mirror. America pray for our youth and allow them to enjoy their adolescence. It's not really about Mr. Jackson. It is about justice and our youth have a right to it.


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