Letters to the Editor
Letter To The Editor
By Leana Stormont, J.D.
Jul 10, 2005 - 8:52:00 AM

To the Editor:

I guess I could take Mr. Tabor's allegations about PETA more seriously if the criticisms were emanating from a man who was truly committed to alleviating animal suffering. ("PETA is an Animal's Worst Friend" 7/3). The truth is that PETA, like all organizations grappling with the problem of companion animal overpopulation, euthanize animals. When PETA learned that homeless animals in North Carolina were being gassed with fumes from the tailpipe of a pick-up truck and being shot with a .22 rifle while tied to a pole, they began subsidizing euthanasia through a local veterinarian.
I think we can all agree that a painless death is better than being shot and left for dead. Further, PETA has spent more than a quarter of a million dollars improving facilities in N.C., has delivered hundreds of dog houses, free food and sterilized 7641 animals at minimal or no cost.

Is killing homeless animals a travesty? Absolutely. Those of us who have had to do society's dirty work by euthanizing healthy dogs and cats will be the first to admit it. Nobody wishes it were not necessary more than we do, but a painless death is better than what life has in store for homeless animals who are born into a world that does not want them, that does not care for them and that does not deserve them.

If euthanizing dogs and cats and disposing of their bodies was a crime, I, along with almost every animal control officer and animal shelter employee in this country would be guilty of that crime. We are only doing the grim work that our throw away society has delegated to us. It is ironic that the people who often care most about animals, animal shelter employees, are forced to kill animals.

People who are shocked or outraged by the fact that the bodies of dead
dogs and cats find their way to landfills and rendering facilities by the
millions every year should wake up and do something about it. More than 15,000 dogs and cats will be killed in shelters across the country today. Their blood is on the hands of those who continue to patronize breeders, puppy mills, pet stores and people who fail to spay and neuter their animals. The only thing more tragic than the fate of homeless animals is the fact that their deaths are entirely avoidable. A truly humane society would prevent them from being born in the first place.

Since Mr. Tabor sees fit to lecture readers on hypocrisy perhaps it is he
who should come clean. Mr. Tabor alludes to the innocuous sounding group known as the Center for Consumer Freedom. CCF is an industry front group that represents the interests of tobacco companies, restaurant chains, meat producers and others who stand to lose from increased government regulations and public scrutiny. CCF attacks PETA and other "radical" groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving because the vested interests CCF represents stand to lose money as a result of effective advocacy campaigns. A more apt appellation for the Center for Consumer Freedom would be the Center for Cunning Fabrication or perhaps Charlatans for Crafty Falsification. Actually, Cons fraudulently Covering-up Falsehoods is probably the most accurate of the three.


Leana Stormont, J.D.

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