Letters to the Editor
Church of the Liberals-Godless?
By Tom Proebsting
Jul 2, 2006 - 7:19:00 PM

There's been a lot of recent talk about the church of the Liberals as being Godless. These are strong, if not, presumptuous words, and they are being thrown about recklessly. This slanders concerns millions of hard-working and sincere liberal Americans. It is likely that the label was originally meant for the leaders and policy makers of progressive politics. But the author of the mud-slinging is inadvertently plastering the average-Joe liberal by association.


Why is liberalism being accused of Godlessness? Conservatives and liberals basically want the same goals for America, but they see a different way to get there. To be different is not always a bad thing and it borders on a dangerous principle, if not on blasphemy, to specify a political dogma as Godless.


Where does Godless fit into liberalism? From the Bible? Since our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and principles, the Bible is the place to start and to try to discern what is Godless and what isn't.


No less than an authority by the name of Jesus Christ said we must feed the hungry, aid the poor, shelter the homeless, and to comfort the sick and the imprisoned. Is it not the Democrats, historically the party of the liberals, which does these things? President Franklin Roosevelt gave to the needy with his New Deal programs and President Lyndon Johnson extended these aids with his Great Society agenda. Most Democrats today are in favor of a nationalized health plan and for prison reform.


Jesus stated that we must give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's. The Democrats legalized the graduated income tax and believe today that every working citizen, including the super-rich fat-cat, should give to the government. After all, the government gives to its people.


Jesus said to turn the other cheek. This can be interpreted as avoiding war and revenge at all costs. He also said to love, not hate, your enemy. Today, many liberals want America out of the two wars in Asia. It seems most conservatives want the US to get involved in most any armed conflict so it can flex its military muscles or to seek revenge on some past wrong.


Jesus said nothing about gays, according to the Bible. So why do some

conservatives squawk about gay rights and gay marriage in the concerted effort to suppress both? All men are equal in the eyes of God and Jesus.


Jesus said that His kingdom is not of this world and that it will come in

the future. Then why do many conservatives label America as a 'Christian nation?' Liberals see America as it truly is-a secular nation.


Jesus did not regard persons, meaning that people were equal in his eyes. He did not have bias against any person due to his or her race, nationality, color, sex, age, or any other arbitrary different. Jesus spent much of his time ministering to women and children as well as to men. He spoke to beggars, lepers, and laborers as much as to political and religious leaders. Civil rights and affirmative action are the domains of the liberals. Thomas Jefferson, an early Democrat, wrote, "All men are created equal."


The liberals are not perfect, but when you line up their core beliefs with those of Jesus Christ you cannot subsequently label them as Godless. To do so is a difficult line of reasoning to follow.

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