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Massive Mudslide Closes Canyon
By Kerri Krueger
Aug 27, 2007 - 7:27:11 PM

Massive Mudslide Closes Canyon

By Kerri Krueger



HOLLYWOODTwenty-two homes were isolated and Nichols Canyon Road was closed after a massive mudslide was triggered by a burst water main near Hollywood Hills on Saturday, August 25.


“The slide occurred near Jalmia Drive at around 11pm,” said D’Lisa Davies, a representative from the Los Angeles Fire Department. “A water main eight inches in diameter broke, spraying water high into the air and causing the surrounding area to turn into a large mess of mud.”


The water main, which was located near 2366 Astral Drive, burst suddenly. The exact time of the burst is unknown, but the water supply to the area was shut off around 1am, leaving numerous area homes without water service. There is no known cause or reason for the main to have broken and there is no evidence indicating that anything specific caused the burst.


“We’re not sure why it burst,” said Captain Sparky Holloway of the Los Angeles Fire Department. “Residents in 22-30 homes near Astral and Solar drives were stranded after the roads were closed.”


In addition to Astral and Solar drives being closed, Nichols Canyon Road was closed after the water main break caused a massive mudslide that covered the road in nearly two feet of sludge and mud. Fire departments worked with bulldozers to clean the roadways, which were expected to re-open around 1pm on Sunday.


Crew from the city and from the Department of Building and Safety (DBS) were expected to assess the damage on the roadways and on neighboring homes that may have been affected in the slide. Official numbers were not readily available.


“The section of land that washed away was about 300 yards long,” said Captain Holloway. “This incident could have been worse, and we’re just thankful that no one was hurt.”

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