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UCLA Medical Center Rated West Coast's No. 1 Hospital
By Jaemi Park
Jul 28, 2007 - 1:17:21 PM

LOS ANGELES—According to "U.S. News & World Reports’" annual survey, the UCLA Medical Centeris one of the top three American hospitals today and the best hospital on the west coast. Approximately 6,000 medical centers were screened around the nation and only 173 hospitals were chosen to be further evaluated. The magazine stated that the 173 ranked hospitals are centers that both treat the sickest patients and conduct innovative research. UCLA Medical Center sits at the top of the rankings with competitors Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Among the specialty categories, UCLA Medical Centerwas ranked especially high in Geriatrics (1), Urology (4), Digestive Disorders (5), Rheumatology (5), Psychiatry (5), Ophthalmology (5), Kidney Disease (7), and Neurology (8). Additionally, UCLA’s cancer and heart treatment centers were ranked 8th and 11th.  Dr. David Feinberg, chief executive officer of the UCLA Hospital System said, “We are very proud of our nurses and physicians. This rating means a lot to us. We believe that the most important judges of our performance are patients and their family. Therefore, giving them better quality of care and more attention is now the biggest goal.”
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In response to what makes UCLA Medical Center unique in comparison to Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Feinberg answered, “Health care is a very complicated and challenging business. Regardless of the sizes or source of investment of the organization, each and every medical center should be awarded for their work of research, training, and study. We do consider neither Johns Hopkins nor Mayo Clinic as competitors but rather companions for improving future healthcare.”

UCLA Medical Centeris especially known for their use of cutting edge and highly advanced technology. Their high standards, mostly set and driven by actual patients, directly influence the capabilities of the medical center. And, in addition to Dr. David Feinberg, UCLA holds a reputation of having a full staff of distinguished physicians and nurses.

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