McConnor's Corner
A Nation Of Suckers
By Sean McConnor
May 1, 2003 - 12:00:00 PM

WASHINGTON D.C. — We are a visual nation.  All around us are billboards, signs, and pictures. The Iraqi War was covered completely by the TV media. The American people had a front row seat to watch their military march slowly, but surely to the major cities of Iraq and control them successfully. Unlike Vietnam, we did not get body counts or soldiers crying for their mothers like little boys left in the darkness. This war was santarized.

Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News
CNN, on its latest report, says that 162 coalition deaths are confirmed and that there were 495 U.S. service people wounded. These were and are real people. As one woman put, "their parents kept them for 20 years and sent them over." And, I might add, many of them are dead.

Jeffrey Clark, age 19, did not get spend 20 years with his folks. Donald Cline, Jr., did spend 20 years and 1 year with his folks. Marine Brian Buesing was 20. His parents had him for 20 years. Now he is gone. God rest their souls and those of their enemy. Both sides fought near the birthplace of Abraham, the Father of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

But now that we grieve for the dead, we mourn for the living. The United States is now committed to rebuild the economy, the infrastructure and the government of Iraq. And we are going to pay a heavy cost.

The Congress approved the President's $79 billion dollar request to conduct the war and bribe our allies such as Turkey, Israel, and Egypt with one billion dollar loans each. And, soon, the American Taxpayer's will have to foot additional bills and we can't even provide decent health care to our American veterans from previous wars!

We are expected to rebuild a nation of 24 million people with a Gross National Product of $29 billion dollars and an annual per capital income of $2,500. This same nation exports oil to the tune of $12 billion a year. And this same nation is #2 in the proven oil reserves of the world. That means they have more oil than anyone except Saudi Arabia.

Yet, the U.S. will be expected to pay the salaries of Iraqi bureaucrats to start up their government bureaus. We will be expected to help get the electrical generators running to provide lights and water and we will be expected to provide security until a viable police presence is re-established. This costs a lot of money.
Soldiers take cover during a firefight with guerrilla forces in the Al Doura section of Baghdad. Taken by a U.S. Army soldier.
The cash reserves found and remaining in U.S. and Iraqi hands is going to go fast.There are loans to repay by the government, claims to settle because of the war, and the list goes on and on. There is not going to very much money left to do anything, but, don't worry, the good old USA will foot the bill. After all, we rebuilt Japan and Germany (plus most of Western Europe after WWII) and we know what good and supportive friends France and Germany were before the war with Iraq. Yea, sure.

Get use to bumpy roads, overcrowded emergency rooms, bursting classrooms, fewer police, and unemployed Americans. Our economy is a basket case. Fuel prices are rising again because OPEC is cutting production. What few remaining dollars we have to spend will be used to rebuild Iraq with its 97 percent Muslim people and its potential as another Islamic state. Another Iran in the making?

Don't worry, kill our children and tell us to get out after we get you freedom. We don't care. We will still feed and rebuild your country. We will do it the name of freedom and decency like good, stupid saps.

Who says America isn't a great country or what?

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