McConnor's Corner
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
By Sean McConnor
Jun 1, 2003 - 6:00:00 PM

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush. White house photo by Eric Draper.
WASHINGTON D.C. — I recently received a letter from a long-time friend who lives in the Midwest. The state in which she lives was carried by George W. Bush (Dubya) in the last election. She told me that the unemployment rate is 23 percent. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in an economic depression.

Yeah, sure, the Congress passed a $350 billion dollar tax cut giving tax breaks for married couples (long overdue), increased the earned income credit (questionable), and removed taxes from dividends (insane giveaway to the rich). Supposedly, people like the earned income taxpayers will be receiving checks. Okay, but remember how quickly the checks disappeared from the first Bush tax cut? People didn't go out and purge but rather they paid for basic necessities. Bet you it happens this time, too.

I am pretty certain it will occur this time because look at the prices at the gas stations. Sure, the prices have gone back to pre-Iraq war levels, but they went back to levels that were double the year before. Progress, I don't think so. Also, look at the prices on your utility bills, your credit card statements, and at the supermarket. Things are going up and up. The interest on your savings goes down and down. The taxes on items purchased go up and up. And then there is unemployment.

Your government admits it lies. Okay, I guess that is an improvement over the Watergate years for those who are dinosaurs like me. Your government says the 6 percent unemployment rate is probably a lot more. Huh? We pay people to keep faulty statistics? The reason the unemployment rate is that way is because millions have dropped out and are aimlessly searching for something.

That reminds me. You don't believe me that college educated people with formerly good jobs in the Internet industry, banking, finance, etc., are having a bad time, look at the people who are working in what are considered menial jobs in retail. You see a lot of well-educated people taking these jobs. It might become like the Great Depression in the 1930s: To get an elevator operator's job then you had to have a Master's Degree.

Note to George "Dubya" Bush and the Republican Congress: the real enemy to the security of the U.S. and the world is not some half-wit wearing a bathrobe and threatening to bomb us. The real culprit is a corrupt American economy that will lead us to economic despair and misery.

The grains of the hourglass are slowly slipping away and the fate of humankind is in the balance like a candle in the wind.


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