McConnor's Corner
Mr. President: Withdraw From Iraq
By Sean McConnor
Dec 1, 2003 - 12:00:00 PM

Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News
WASHINGTON D.C. At this time last year, I wrote about our country being at war with international terrorists and how we were poised to go to war with Iraq. Now, we are still doing battle with alleged terrorists across the globe and we are bogged down in Iraq after removing their leadership. We have also suffered the loss of over 400 men and women in Iraq and have had thousands more injured in the fighting and its aftermath with no end in sight. Our soldiers have literally been dragged from their vehicles in the streets and slaughtered by anti-American Iraqi fighters.

Everyday a new spokesperson says that the U.S. will be in Iraq for a year or two or longer. Even more ominous is the call for more U.S. troops to protect those already over there. The U.S. Congress has approved $87 billion dollars to support the operations there and in the region.

Let me say that the only correct policy is for the U.S. to leave the region immediately. I have spoken to many soldiers who have served there and to their families. They do not want to return to Iraq. The families are very concerned about their loved ones who have served or are still there. No one wants any more dead Americans. I haven't spoken to anyone who wants any more dead Iraqis, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This war sucks.

So we ask ourselves, what do we do? What if you were Almighty God, Creator and King of the Universe, what would you do? Tradition tells us that all three major religions are descendant from Abraham the great leader who followed God's orders to the point of almost slaying his own son. In other words, we are all children of Abraham.

I suppose God would tell all three to stop the killing and he would abolish the territorial boundaries and put the region under the control of a neutral force such as the UN. God would probably remind all residents that they are all related and the region is the birthplace of humanity (the Garden of Eden).  Then, if that didn't work, I suppose he would cause the destruction of the land in a way that would make the Angels in Heaven shield their eyes. (The way the situation is now, the warring parties seem to desire to beat God to the punch in the final solution.)

The President of the United States is not God, but he can extricate us from the horrible mistake he has gotten us into and prevent any further use of our children as fodder for his war machine. He can use his power to deny aid to his allies. He can beg the UN to take over the region and neutralize it. He can stop shedding any more blood from God's children.

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