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End Of The Rope For The Condemned
By Sean McConnor
Apr 27, 2008 - 10:17:59 AM

During the past two weeks, the Supreme Court of the United States has issued two decisions that may result in the death penalty being carried out again throughout the United States. There had been a self-declared moratorium in many states as they awaited the Court's ruling on lethal injection as a means to put a prisoner to death.  It may change now.
The Supreme Court has issued two major decisions on the death penalty. Photo courtesy of William Manning/Corbis.

The Court, under the new Chief Justice, John Roberts, effectively squashed the arguments for two convicted murders that the three-drug approach to lethal execution was unconstitutional. The lawyers promoted a one-drug formula which the Court failed to see as effective. Neither has this method been adopted by any state, the Court found as they decided against the murderers.

Then, the Court turned down appeals from three inmates in Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi. One of the three killed a woman's husband for money, another killed a woman after choir practice, and the third killed his parents. The other convicted killers in the lethal injection case mentioned had killed two people each.

I remember my criminal justice professor at Cal State L.A., Professor L. When he spoke about bad guys, he would say, "they are not nice people."  I hate to generalize, but, I believe, many of the 669 California condemned people are not nice people. They have deprived families of loved ones and have caused untold grief to our society.

What do we do? According to one statistic, it takes an average of 124 months for the appeal process of a condemned person to be completed and he or she is either executed, granted a new trial or released. The cost for each person is in the millions. Imagine. When we can't help needy people, we can spend millions for an individual who has gone through the criminal justice system and has been judged to be a murderer.

It is only me speaking, but, when we spend billions to protect our homeland from domestic terrorism, we allow domestic (home-grown) terrorists to attack our citizens. No way. They (the condemned) have done their thing, now we are going to protect our families, our children, and our people.

Adios, amigos. May have God have Mercy on your souls. You didn't show it to us.

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