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The Presidency Of The United States Of America
By Sean McConnor
Jul 13, 2008 - 7:52:03 AM

A long time ago, as the Native American storytellers used to begin a narrative, the United States was referred to as "these" United States. After the Civil War, we became "the" United States, so I was surprised when one of the two presumptive nominees used the term "these" United States the other day. It is particularly interesting since the term had been used mainly by states' rights Southerners and the presidential candidate was African-American.

This same candidate also committed what I consider a major faux pas the other day. He has run on the platform of change and bringing the troops home from Iraq right away. Notice, he didn't say bring the troops home from the Afghanistan or Pakistan regions. Anyway, there were a lot of "folks" (another term he uses a lot) who switched from the guy who is the Republican candidate for president because they wanted the troops home from Iraq and not there for a hundred years, as Senator McClain said. Anyway, Senator Obama "flip-flopped" and said "no," he wasn't going to withdraw the troops without talking to the same generals who have kept the mess going. Then, in the same day four hours later, he reversed himself.

Flip-flops are sandals you wear mostly in the summer. I wear them year-round. Men and women, Senator Clinton made contradictory remarks, too, used flip-flops a lot too, but, unfortunately, they use the statements referred to as "flip-flops" or "changes" in their positions for political expediency or political reality. So we, the voters, don't know where a candidate we have supported for months really stands, and they don't really care, I suppose, because getting elected is everything.

Listen, "folks" (to use the term used by Obama), times are tough. We have some "folks" who can be judged clinically insane blowing themselves and others up, we have millions of people losing their homes, and we have confidence in Congress and the president at the lowest level possible; and, now, we have some "flip-floppers." Unfortunately, these flip-floppers will have life and death power over the lives and fortunes of millions. It is scary.

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