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Message to America

American Greatness Is Still Possible
Posted by Tommy Garrett on Sep 4, 2011 - 10:14:08 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—America is the most exceptional country in the history of the world despite its desire to self-implode out of paranoia and self-hatred. As far back as history has been recorded, there have been prominent nations and empires that stood out from other nations around it in exceptional military power, creativity and the undeniable excellence its citizens exhibited in dire times. What made the world’s superpower stand out is the ability to reinvent itself and make tomorrow better than today against all odds.

Centuries ago, the Persian Empire was the dominant authority in the east, the Greek Empire endured tough times by their exceptional ability to become well-educated and to utilize philosophies of life to make things better for its people. The Roman Empire like our own used military and economic supremacy to crush its enemies and to reward its allies. China, now a burgeoning economic superpower, once was the shining star in the Asian universe and will be again.

What all of these societies, much older than our own, finally learned and used to benefit its people is the ability to utilize science and to work harder than anyone else. Now with the unemployment rate in the U.S. hovering around 9 percent, with no sign of it ever going back to the once intolerable 5 percent range, we hear people screaming for heads to roll in Washington, while not doing what we used to do and many of the former empires did to succeed. They all eventually forget about the body of government, and they decided to spend their energy and attention within smaller communities around their nations, and for the people to pull themselves up from their bootstraps and to make things better for themselves and their neighbors and not look for a handout from their crooked bureaucrats.

Even though the Tea Party claims the government is the problem, they pander to a minority of Americans who love to affix blame onto others. Anyone else is to blame for my plight; it has nothing to do with my own poor choices, plain bad luck or mistakes. Ronald Reagan once used rhetoric to make Americans believe the U.S. government was the problem, and even though he grew our government 10 times more than any of his predecessors, Americans believed that he was actually shrinking the government, and for that basic stupidity on their parts, they actually did what he always knew was possible. He empowered Americans to feel empowered themselves under his leadership, and even though he was a political chameleon, convincing the masses that he was actually doing what he was in fact doing the total opposite of, we as a nation brought ourselves out of the malaise we felt prior to the Reagan presidency, with inflation and unemployment problems under presidents Carter and Nixon, and built our economy back to its glory by our hard work and belief in ourselves. The Reagan Administration’s policies made our $800 billion federal deficit grow to a staggering $3 trillion in his two terms (8 years), but we were so busy succeeding ourselves, we never gave it any thought.

Somehow America needs a leader similar to Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or Theodore Roosevelt. We need someone that can lead a body of politicians, who are the least intelligent of all Americans and the most bizarre people on the planet, while giving hope and real ambition to a nation of people who are capable of doing great things on our own, without any expectation that the power and the real intelligence comes from Washington, D.C. It comes from young people in our own communities that embody the real American spirit. Not the Tea Party, the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, which are all filled with panderers, liars, thieves and con men and women, whose only genuine mission is to gain power over the rest of us and to fool us by lies and propaganda, telling us that we are hopeless while they hold all of the power.

When you look at the propaganda machine (Fox News) for the Republican Party, you see a group of men who have become wealthier than anyone’s wildest dreams while preaching for 24 hours about how President Obama is evil, dangerous and halting our own success. If people would stop watching cable news and get outside and invent things and exercise their brain muscle, instead of listening to lies and hatred, they could be as wealthy as the TV anchors they fall in love with. Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren make fortunes selling books, fear mongering and giving speeches to people who are unmotivated and plain lazy. Rush Limbaugh went from being an overweight blabbermouth on Florida radio to being an overweight multimillionaire offering his narrow-minded view of race and party affiliation to millions of people who are equally as mean, biased and fat as he is. Imagine the energy it takes to agree with Mr. Limbaugh being utilized to create a home business or your own radio station in your own community.

On the political left, the propaganda machine (MSNBC) for the Democratic party also utilizes fear and hatred to raise their ratings and to sell books by anchor people on the competing network, to create a groundswell of hatred against the political right. Three years later, they are blaming President Bush for his mistakes, and yes, he made many. The only thing they do not utilize that Fox News does is the race-based blend of hatred and propaganda that has become so acceptable to republicans over the past three years, that almost all of them have ceased speaking to anyone who was a true moderate voice because they found, like the bigots did in the South over the centuries, a voice that was no longer embarrassing to show to the world or, more importantly, to their personal friends.

Think of the emails we have all received by right-leaning Americans. The President of the United States is a secret Muslim, his wife and children ridiculed for being African American, he was a Marxist, quotes about his book that didn’t exist, claims that the U.S. Supreme court was investigating him; even though any civics or history lesson in high school should dispel any thoughts that the nation’s highest court does not investigate things, pandering to fears of older white voters of having a man who is half African American in power and in the White House, instead of just treating the President like any other unpopular president in our time; including Eisenhower, Carter, Nixon and George W. Bush.

What makes our nation more scary than all the previous crumbled empires is that we have the most amazing diversity, and yet, it’s used as a weapon, not an asset in America. Other nations fought each other for centuries. For instance, although the right-leaning political class in America like to send propaganda about the Muslims in the Middle East bickering, they fail to remember that in the early part of the 20th Century, two world wars were started in Europe, not Asia or Africa or South America. They also forget that Ireland was a terrorist nation until just about 15 years ago, and they fail to see that people with the same ethnicity across Europe could not get along with each other on a continent that is not much bigger than our own nation itself. It’s amazing how propaganda is the device used by politicians and bigots to bring down their own societies. And yet Americans are still not tired of the political and partisan bloodletting, and we still find fault in others and in Washington, D.C., when the fault lies within our own communities, our own homes and within our own hearts.

Please pray for our brave troops, who fight daily in Afghanistan and Iraq to stop the terrorists so that we are safe in our own homeland. God bless the troops and their families, who offer the greatest sacrifices on a daily basis.


Cliffside Malibu




Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.