Message to America
An American Statesman Wants Your Vote
By Tommy Garrett
Jul 10, 2011 - 7:06:02 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The federal government is broke, states are battling tightening budgets and local governments are so dependent on the federal government for aid that they often find themselves laying off essential workers including firefighters, police and even teachers. How can this all be solved? For voters to stop pulling the lever for their particular party and to vote for the best candidate in each election doesn’t seem to be a possibility at this time, since the nation is entrenched in partisan politics. That doesn’t just include your particular political representatives, but almost every voter in America is stuck in partisan politics.

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who was also the U.S. Ambassador to China, is perhaps the only statesman currently in the race for the republican nomination for the presidency. Herman Cain has already vowed that he’d be the first African American president, to an audience of lukewarm supporters in Iowa. With the Republican Party’s track record of opposing the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the 1960s, that is certainly not a good position to take and expect to be nominated. Not to mention how the Republican Party has behaved against this president over the past three years. Sarah Palin’s popularity eclipses Governor Huntsman, who actually never belittles others and has gotten no traction on his powerful and positive positions for the nation. He’s belittled by his party, even whispers of, “he’s a Mormon” creep into the republican debate.

Someone asked me last week if I liked Michele Bachmann, who I defended from a very misogynistic attack by a Fox News Channel anchor over a week ago. I don’t like or support Congresswoman Bachmann, but unlike the people I’ve watched over the past three years who hate the current president, I don’t attack someone I may not like or even agree with. I believe that she deserves the same respect as the male candidates in this race, and I make an argument that if she’d had the checkered past of Speaker Gingrich or the flip-flopping style of former Governor Mitt Romney, that she’d not even be able to run for office. Notwithstanding, I still disagree with Bachmann’s petty bickering against the first lady for political jockeying in order to pander to bigots within her party.

Since the party of Reagan seems to be mired in old faces and established names, Huntsman is certainly not even on his party’s radar. He’s never called the president a Muslim or even worse, so there is very little chance he will ascend to the republican nomination for president. Isn’t it a shame that a man, who shows he could balance Utah’s state budget, ran a successful company, has been happily married for decades, has raised a beautiful, healthy and good family cannot garner his party’s support because he’s not mean and vindictive? If that’s the criteria, the republicans have plenty to choose from and will essentially force out anyone who has a real chance of winning an election for the presidency in 2012.

The Democrats don’t fair any better. Obama’s healthcare plan was virtually identical to the one Speaker Gingrich and former Senator Hillary Clinton lobbied the U.S. Congress to pass during the Bush administration. The party that specializes in demonizing and engaging in racially motivated rhetoric can’t possibly support the former House Speaker if they are honest to their so-called core values, or even support candidate Mitt Romney, who created the same healthcare legislation in Massachusetts when he was governor of that state. Back to the Democrats: they have spent too much taxpayers’ money just like the Bush administration did, and they have done very little to bring down the unemployment rate, which is as high now as it was when President Obama took office. Democrats have also pandered to the left-wing of their party and not listened to what the American people want them to do. Americans want energy independence from foreign oil, to begin drilling for oil in our own nation. They want taxes to remain low and the federal government to drastically slash their budget.

However, what choices do the American people have to make in next year’s election? An election to reelect a president who put healthcare before jobs, or a party that puts racist rhetoric and bigotry before common decency? For decades, we saw images of black men in the media from Willie Horton in the ads for President G.H.W. Bush (41) to the inner city drug dealers every night on the evening news. Dr. Bill Cosby has argued to young black men to take care of their families, marry the women they love and get a good education. The first African American president did all of those things, but the Republican Party declared him illegitimate to be president. Surely even pretending they like or would support Herman Cain will never be good enough for the majority of African American voters to vote for any republican candidate again, as they did in 2000 for George W. Bush. Bush’s legacy of fairness and equality has now been thrown away for the pandering to a segment of America that hate more than they could ever love, and their mission is to degrade and ridicule our 44th president at all costs. How very sad for America.

Please remember our troops who fight in Afghanistan and Iraq against the terrorists.

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