Message to America
Some Animals Need Sanctuary In Our Nation
By Tommy Garrett
Aug 20, 2011 - 8:39:00 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—I most certainly believe man has to survive on the planet. However, after we’ve annihilated millions of other animal species out of stupidity and ignorance, can we now turn our hearts and minds to saving what is left of the precious creatures on land and in the seas? I recently learned of the plight of the manatees living off the Florida coast, which are part of a protected species of sea life being injured on a regular basis by boaters. Not Navy ships or oil companies this time. They are boats used by vacationers and those who just like to race through the ocean while not giving any cause to manatees swimming in their habitat.


Also, this week came a barrage of stories of people who are undeniably evil and uncaring, leaving their dogs out on chains to die from the heat. Cats and dogs are being left behind when homeowners leave foreclosed housing, and in much of the U.S. Southwest, we are seeing animal parents abandon their offspring to find water and food in drought-ridden regions. That obviously cannot be helped. No one is to blame for Mother Nature’s weather patterns. Thankfully, when it comes to the drought areas, we have heroic citizens who run clinics offering the infant and young animals hope to survive this drought and many will be reintegrated into the wild when they are one day strong and old enough to survive on their own.

Americans are complaining for good reason about the economy. With that being said, we are still the most well-off in the world. Sure, everyone in politics tries to scare us about China’s rise. No one tells you that China has an unsustainable population, a limited amount of land and water, both of which they are destroying every single day in order to build bigger cities, to drive finer cars. But even still, the majority of Chinese people live in abject poverty, whereas the worse off among us still have food, and if they choose, a homeless shelter to go to at night. Only the severe mentally ill, who should not be out on the streets anyway, are choosing to sleep on the sidewalks because they are too ill to know better. Republicans are too cheap to care and Democrats are too liberal to realize the lives of the mentally ill homeless population are not with dignity and that they would be better off being housed in facilities and cared for; not only for their own good, but also for the innocent people who face dangerous attacks from mentally ill people who harm by no choice of their own.

However, if we can’t solve humanity’s problems, what do you think happens to the world’s animals? Our local facility that offers shelter to abandoned cats and dogs is the L.A. Friends of Animals. Their volunteers work tirelessly to find homes for some of the most beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs and cats in the city of L.A. Wherever you happen to live, go help out a local animal shelter, or offer a donation to help animals. Write to your local congressman and your U.S. senators and demand that they make sure manatees are able to swim in their habitat without being butchered needlessly by boats of people, sometimes so drunk that they should not be out on the water with high-speed engines anyway.

Also, if you are in a drought-stricken region of the country, find out what clinics offer help and assistance to the orphaned animals, and if you can’t make a donation, offer to go in and help clean the facility, help feed or prepare food for the animals or to go talk to the people who work at these facilities, because maybe they need an uplifting human voice now and then. We all need to stop whining about our plight. Sure, even I have less money in my pocket right now. I may be lucky enough to attend movie premieres and not have to pay like many families are forced to do, but this economy has affected my lifestyle as it has everyone else’s. Though the animals need our help right now, and they depend on us. What kind of steward of this planet are you? I’m sure we can all do a better job than any of us are currently doing. Go out and challenge yourself, help wildlife and help save the other precious inhabitants on this earth.

Our political landscape is currently mired in partisanship. We foolishly elected people who do not understand economics, national security, foreign affairs or history, and they even brag and campaign on this lack of standards. The average people in our own circle of friends are people who agree with us, and we refuse to listen to anyone who has a different mindset or opinion of the nation or the world. However, animals not only need, but they deserve our support. Please make a difference; they deserve the same sanctuary that we deserve, desire and demand.

Please pray for our brave troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, who fight every day against barbaric terrorists who want to see the destruction of the planet and an end to freedom and democracy around the world.

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