Message to America
Bipartisan Disaster In Washington
By Tommy Garrett
Jun 19, 2011 - 11:06:34 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Every day we hear the chatter of right wing talk radio and left wing cable news shows, and we can't seem to realize they are equally responsible for our nation's problems.

On Facebook there is a right wing page that has George W. Bush’s image with the title, “Miss Me Yet?” Despite the fact that President Bush has made his words as clear as possible that he’s done with politics and does not hate the current president or the Democratic Party.

Speaker Boehner And President Obama

This is an example of how the nation stayed mired in bigotry. There is a segment of our population that cannot live in the present. They must live in the past and they live for the future only if they can see a political win for their side. How very sad because there is no future in the past. All the while these people who can’t be called much less than idiots can’t see the nation was in much worse condition during the election of 2008.

Why are these people fighting for a man who has shown no interest in returning to politics? Can they truly hate the current occupant of the White House that much? President Bush served our nation for eight years and did the best job he could. He’s not a monarch and once a president in the United States has served two terms, they are done with that office. President Bush has stated to these backward thinkers that he’s moving forward with his family and his life is no longer committed to public service. He has more class than all of his supporters who hate President Obama.

Country singing legend Garth Brooks said last year on “Larry King Live” that he fears Americans are becoming much like Europe. “European countries would bide their time with a leader and the other side would dig in their heels and not support the leader in power, living only for the moment that their king or queen would ascend to the throne, and then the muck and mire began all over again,” said Brooks. He is obviously intelligent and much more patriotic than the people who claim patriotism and love for their nation.

Our problems are bipartisan. Under President Bush and the Republican Party our once projected federal surplus under President Clinton, just years earlier, became a multi-trillion-dollar-deficit. Sure, Obama and the democrats in Congress for his first two years continued the Bush legacy of spend now and figure out how to pay it back later, but not one of the so-called Tea Party supporters ever complained when it was happening under the previous administration. That is proof beyond any reasonable doubt that race has a great deal to do with it.

President Obama, reviled by the right and falsely and maliciously called a Muslim, has in fact stepped up to drone attacks on Muslim extremists within Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. Those same partisan hacks supported the silly court cases of the “birthers” and their demands. All the while, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin laughed and enjoyed the bigotry that was being spilled like blood on our nation’s psyche.

Mitt Romney has flip-flopped from being a liberal governor of the most liberal state in the union to being anti everything he once fought for. However, that will cease to matter if he becomes the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. We’ll see the vitriol from the right that he’s the best thing for the nation, while the vitriol from the left will be in equal attack mode against Romney.

We face problems that these non-thinkers are acutely unaware of. Our federal deficit must be cut, and the federal government must stop creating new entitlements. We need a coherent tax plan so that industries won’t have to fear their record profits going to the federal government in the future. This way more workers will be hired. Most importantly, we need a nation filled with young politicians who lack the idiotic bigotry their republican leaders possess and the idiotic failed liberal policies that the counterpart democratic leaders possess.

If you find yourself telling someone “I am not a bigot,” after saying something that you fear could have been interpreted that way, then you probably are a bigot.

Please pray for our brave troops who fight every day in Afghanistan and Iraq to defeat the terrorists abroad.

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