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Free Speech Gone Awry In America
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Oct 16, 2011 - 9:01:00 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—What a week in political and national security news. We learned that the nation of Iran’s government allegedly plotted with a member of a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate an Ambassador from Saudi Arabian in a New York city diner or in Washington, D.C. Political bomb thrower Newt Gingrich, who is not a viable candidate for the Republican party, but certainly an outspoken one, made the assertion similar to Third World dictators, when he spoke at a debate this week about arresting Senator Dodd and Congressman Frank if he becomes President of the United States.


If Americans think the discourse is bad now, they need to only be reminded that it was Speaker Gingrich who began the name calling of a former First Lady of the U.S. by referring to her several times as a “bitch.” Thankfully after being married three times, and even leaving one wife while she was battling cancer, a point his supporters don’t want to remember, but they loudly spoke out against former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, who had a baby by his mistress while wife Elizabeth Edwards was battling stage four breast cancer.

From 2008 we watched as the Tea Party carried their racist picket signs proving their true intent, even though they now claim they were battling against government spending, banking bailouts, that they conveniently forget began with former President George W. Bush. As if domestic federal government spending had anything to do with the nation of Kenya. It’s amazing how these people all have faulty memories and poor social skills.

Now the populists are picketing across the country occupying Wall Street, and other financial districts in major cities from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco. Even we here in Bel Air were witnesses to protests this week. The Hotel Bel Air gave layoffs to their employees two years ago before their major renovations and now refuse to hire any of them back, so on Saturday from Stone Canyon to Sunset Blvd. traffic was snarled in defiance against the hotel giant. Also, a banking executive in Bel Air had picketers at his gates outside of his multi million dollar mansion and even protestors, who call themselves occupiers protested outside of the downtown Los Angeles Courthouse where Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for manslaughter. Protesting once was valuable, now it seems to become a nuisance, so overly done that we barely notice anyone protesting anymore.

Free speech in America is the bedrock on which we built our country. However, the Westboro Baptist Church in the Midwest, which pickets funerals of American heroes who return from Iraq and Afghanistan decided billionaire Steve Jobs’s funeral would always be a great place to get attention for their cause against equal rights for homosexuals in America. Isn’t it amazing how right wingers always claim the government is hindering their freedoms, but they don’t mind it when the government infringes on Americans’ rights, who they disagree with. I grew up with people like this around in the Bible Belt.

Even a few so-called Atheists hated gays. One neighbor famously said to me as often as she could. “I don’t want my rights infringed upon to give others (blacks and gays) their rights. Only narrow-minded thinkers feel that rights for everyone else in society is an infringement on their rights. And often, their selfish thinking is not as simplistic as it sounds. Dig below the surface and you find a bigot hiding under nice clothes, sometimes under educated words and smiles. But equally as dangerous if not more than the people who once ran around the nation with white sheets on their heads, burning crossing in people’s yards to terrorize and inflict fear on minorities or any whites who sympathized with minorities.

The face of this church of hatred however is often the innocent faces and eyes of young children. They are taught about free speech, which is a privilege every American enjoys and wants their children to learn about. However, these young kids are given a lesson in hatred. Pure and simple, what they are taught is that gays are subhuman, don’t deserve civil rights and also, like most bigots, they teach their children that other people’s rights are not important, and trust me, even non-religious people have similar beliefs. It’s just sad when people of faith preach hatred, especially to young kids. They don’t know any better, they can’t refuse to hold hideous picket signs that are used to garner attention for their parents, who are so filled with hatred and intolerance, that they are willing to poison their own children’s minds and souls.

Certainly the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street protestors and every other American have a right to protest. Hank Williams, Jr. is whining because he says, Fox News and ESPN infringed on his right to compare the President to Hitler. That is outlandish and silly. He was not given a jail sentence, he was not given a fine. ESPN had been trying to dump him from their “Monday Night Football” shows for three years now, wanting a younger and hipper face and voice to engaged their youth-oriented viewers. Plus, Fox News has openly and publicly admitted over the past few weeks that they are too right-wing, and needs to “correct” itself a bit and they have asked all of their hosts, commentators and contributors to quiet down the anti-government and President Obama chatter.

Amazingly, the people who watch Fox don’t realize that Rupert Murdoch is not only a supporter of this current Administration but even donated to Obama’s campaign. Murdoch has only been interested in the bottom line, which is what he should be interested in. However, his mission for the almighty dollar has cost him greatly in the United Kingdom, where he is under criminal and civil investigations for his company’s handling of phone tapping of political officials and famous celebrities. That old adage, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” certainly has a genuine and familiar face to represent those words today.

Peaceful protests are perfectly legitimate. And obviously freedom of speech comes with responsibility and with repercussions at times. However, the protests by this church, that is nothing more than a hate group, offending and terrorizing innocent people who only want to mourn their loved ones are absolutely unconscionable. Have we as a nation truly become so uncaring about our fellow man, that we make racist comments to friends, we make vicious speech against our governmental leaders who we have disgust for, but we don’t do one thing to make the system better for the nation and now we have people in our country putting their innocent children on the frontlines of hate protests. Shame on Americans for not doing something to halt this kind of behavior. We are truly one nation under a cloud of hypocrisy, not under God as we were taught in school.

Americans are simply put out of touch with reality. The hatred many have for this president has warped any sense of decency they may have once pretended to have, and this so-called Westboro Baptist Church has no dignity and only unhealthy hatred within its rank and file membership. Lets pray that their children do not end up as despicable as their parents obviously are. Our soldiers funerals should be attended. However, we should be there with love in our hearts and our hands filled with good tidings to give their families. Not hateful and hate filled signs and messages.

Please pray for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, who fight daily for our rights and privileges in America. However, be a beacon of hope to them, not an object of shame. Remember, you may be a big or small fish in your little (community) pond, so to speak. But you are also capable of making good statements or negative statements that will have an affect on others.

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