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Political Stalmate To Continue Through 2012
By Contributor
Oct 23, 2011 - 8:26:41 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—If the nation can survive the Republican primary process we’ll be a stronger country truthfully. The viciousness of last week’s Republican Presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mean-spirited attacks, name calling and even tapping the opponents shoulder in order to get his attention and to demand that he stop talking, so you can get your point across. Just imagine if Governor Palin was in the race. I suppose the Republican candidates have honed their attack skills after they have spent three years calling the current occupant of the Oval Office everything but an American.


Governor Rick Perry unleashed his attack on Governor Mitt Romney’s record, and somehow avoided being attacked himself for hunting at his family’s Texas ranch named Niggerhead. Herman Cain’s rise is only temporary, as there would be no way the republican party would ever nominate him as their candidate. It’s more of the fact that the republican party doesn’t like any of its current lineup, from political bomb thrower and three-time married Speaker Newt Gingrich, to history revisionist Michele Bachmann, then there is consummate isolationist Congressman Ron Paul, has been Congressman and self proclaimed conservative Rick Santorum, and the two candidates in the race who actually look presidential, but are Mormons, which is almost as intolerable to the Republican party as being of mixed race in America; Governor Mitt Romney and Governor John Huntsman. But Cain’s lead is very temporary, he knows it himself, but selling books and gaining exposure may land him a TV show on the Fox News Channel after he makes his fire in the belly speech at the Republican national convention next summer, which will include more innuendos about Sharia law and hints of (that) exotic looking president we now have.

Get ready, you can count on the Republican party to vilify any African American man who doesn’t chastise and belittle his own race, and you can always count on them to speak intolerance in a melting pot nation, just as they did in the mid 1960s to garner the Southern white male vote for the next century. They love Thomas Sowell, who blames blacks for the economic collapse, not George Bush. They hate Colin Powell now, and Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh, the two spokesmen for the party for standing up for himself and our nation against the war in Iraq. Even Donald Rumsfeld took a vicious and unprecedented attack on Dr. Condaleeza Rice in his autobiography. Didn’t we know that was coming. Once their rein was over, they had to blame the two black cabinet members for every mistake the Bush administration made.

Whether he’s overweight or inexperienced, one thing you have to give Governor Chris Christie is his honest and candor voice of reason in a party that has gone from the party of Lincoln to the party of segregationist Governor George Wallace of Alabama. Christie rightly said just last year that the constant talk of Islam gaining ground and control in America and in politics is foolish, outlandish and only used by some within his party to pander to bigots. What he should have added, but didn’t need to was these politicians like Gingrich, who often speak of fear of the end of white domination in the U.S. and around the world, instead of looking in the mirror as the causation of most of our problems themselves while running the country. The party’s religious base right now is attempting to do to Mitt Romney political harm, because as Rick Perry’s supporter Reverend Jeffers says, “Mormonism is a cult, and is not Christianity.”

Our economic situation is dire, much like Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany, our unemployment rate is almost as high as it was in the 1930s, we face terrorism from Islamists and domestic Christian terrorists for at least another couple generations, Social Security is on life supports, the Republicans supported President George W. Bush’s unfunded Medicare Prescription entitlement which ballooned the deficit, while Democrats supported the laughable Obama healthcare plan, which also increased more deficit spending, which began under President Reagan in the 1980s and what are Republicans fighting over last week in the debates? Does Christianity matter to you as a candidate, and are you a man and woman of faith? Did you employ illegal immigrants who mowed your lawn? And all other unsettling topics that don’t belong in polite conversation, but polite the republicans tend not to be anyway.

There definitely were wrestling-style moments between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry over everything from immigration, to he said, she said this and that about you! They both ended up looking very non-presidential, and we can only look forward to the actual election between President Obama and one of these candidates next year as the epitome of a mud wrestling fight. It’s enough to make you want to turn the TV off. Battling like desperate housewives on the BRAVO Network or Snookie and the “Jersey Shore” gang on MTV doesn’t seem very interesting to most of us. Especially when we have very serious problems that need fixing and we are surely running out of time to do it.

The Democrats are now in the same tight situation with the Occupy Wall Street protestors as the Republicans were with the Tea Party. Although I respect and admire free speech in America, these protests are close to becoming so prevalent that protesting won’t really matter in the near future. The consequence of seeing something so often is that eventually it doesn’t really make an impact anymore. The people protesting big business and capitalism or greed, whatever you want to call it are blaming the wrong people. They should be marching in front the White House and the U.S. Capitol, because our politicians in both parties and in the last seven or eight administrations, not big business and wealthy people, are actually to blame for the unemployment rate in America, for the 10,000 page tax code and all the other ills Occupy Wall Streeters along with the Tea Partiers feel like raging against.

I don’t actually admire either side that has been protesting these past three years. The Tea Party is filled with bigots, who cannot ever get away from making spectacles of themselves with picket signs (with monkeys on them, and speaking of returning to Kenya) and mothers dragging their kids out of schools so they would not hear a speech from an African American president, all cloaked in conspiracies that old bigots and republicans embraced with glee over the past few years. Nor am I moved by Occupy Wall Street revelers’ desire to demand that rich people and big business give back their money and do what with it? Give it to the United Stated Government? How absurd! Would you think that it was fine to hold up a bank because someone in the bank has more money than you do? That’s what these people are demanding. What others worked for, they feel is owed to them. And as for the Tea Party, their resentment of any minority having true power and leading the country is more upsetting to them than all the horrible presidents we had before Barack Obama took office. Shall we go down the list?

Please remember our troops in your daily lives, who are not occupying any American streets demanding anything, and who show genuine love and respect for the Commander in Chief, no matter what ethnicity he happens to be. Our troops are truly Americans, and American heroes, who should be back home with their families. May the return soon. God bless America.

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