St. John's Confidential File
Actor Dennis Harris Hollywood Intern
By Michael St John
Aug 25, 2012 - 11:14:03 AM

HELLO AMERICA!  One way of breaking into the business is becoming an intern in film or television. Thousands of youngsters throughout the nation are doing just that. For the last two summers DENNIS HARRIS from Tennessee has joined others on the U.C.L.A campus to pay their dues to become an actor/filmmaker.


Q:  Dennis, how important is the internship program to someone like yourself in becoming a professional in the business of television and film?

A:I was very grateful to find an internship program under TV and Film, and it was everything I hoped for, and more. I just graduated from the University of Memphis and I’m looking to start the next chapter of my life and this internship program helped me to getting my next chapter in life started. I had to find my internship on my own, and I am glad I came across DreamCareers. I never could imagine meeting people from all over the world in one program. And I would have never been able to meet and talk to many of the top entertainment industry companies on my own. With that said this internship program was and is highly important to me reaching my goals in becoming a successful actor/filmmaker and I owe a lot to the people of DreamCareers. Internship are very important to people like myself because it helps you get a feel for the industry and you learn so much and that helps you decide if this is for you or not.


Q: What is one of the most important things you’ve learned since your time in the program you believe has been invaluable?

A: The most important thing that I learned is the power of networking. It’s not what you know but who you know, that is a saying that definitely applies to this industry. During our program we had seminars from professionals in the entertainment industry and during the seminar everybody talked about the power of networking. I’ve found that with networking, you are also selling yourself and that is something I would encourage everyone to learn how to do.  


Q: Were there moments when you had doubts that the industry might not be your cup of tea?  And why?

A: I know that this industry is very hard to crack into, but I have not had any doubts. I know it will be hard to become a successful actor/filmmaker. I’ve come to this realization earlier on in my pursuit of a career in this industry. I have a very strong and supporting family backing me and friends who are pushing to pursue my dream. I think the biggest thing that I have going for me is that I am a self-motivator and I push and humble myself and I am ready for the challenge. So, I have no doubts about my career, I’m ready for any and everything that comes my way.  


Q: Has working with others of the same interest been invaluable to you? If so what are some of the things you’ve learned which might serve you well whenever you become an active part of a film studio or even a television situation?

A: I just learned that everybody in the industry is pursuing their dreams. They could be doing their dreams or working their way up to their dream. Everybody has the same passion and the love for the industry just like me. It was an eye opening experience for me to meet people who had the same passion as me, because back home I’m part of the few who are looking to get into the industry so I was mainly on my own.


Q: Have you decided what aspect of the industry you might be best suited and why?

A: I want to pursue an acting career. Acting is my first love and I’ve known that ever since I was youngster, thanks to my older brother who introduced me to acting. That is the aspect of the industry that I feel I’m best suited for. I was introduce to the behind the scenes of the industry through my internship. I learned post-production, more of the editing aspect. I definitely developed an interest in the editing aspect of the industry. My passion and my first love will always be acting.


Q: Since your time as an intern actually living in Hollywood what is your realistic view of the place and the people who make it happen?  Are you convinced that this is the world in which you want to be a part of more than anything else ”“ if so why?

A: This is definitely a place where I need to be and hopefully soon I will be able to call Los Angeles home. I love the laidback feel and the atmosphere of this place. LA has its own vibe and feel and I think this is the best place for me to be. Not because I’m trying to become an actor, because personally I feel that LA is the place for me. I lived here for six years when I was younger and ever since I left I always wanted to be back in LA. Yes, this is a world that I am convinced that I need to be. I love people and I feel that I would be a good fit for the industry and I feel I have a lot to offer.



Q: Because of your experience as an intern, do you have a clearer idea as to who you really are as a person, and why?

A: Yes, I do have a clearer idea of who I am. I proved to myself that this is what I want to do with my life. I think people around me got the idea that I am serious and that I’m not just talk that I am trying hard to pursue my dreams. And where I come from, many people have things they want to do but they don’t do anything to go out and get it. They expect it to just come to them and I was brought to believe that I can do anything, you just have to want it and go get it.

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