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Ed Robertson's "Maverick" Still Thrills!
By Michael St John
Sep 23, 2012 - 9:08:34 AM

HOLLYWOOD—HELLO AMERICA!  From 1957 to 1959, Maverick one of the most memorable, exciting shows ever on TV, dominated its time slot. During that time, I was in the script department of CBS radio and I recall all the rumble the hit western was giving The Ed Sullivan Show, The Steve Allen Show and The Jack Benny Show. It was obvious the nation had fallen in love with James Garner, who definitely was not the usual western hero.

In Maverick: Legend of the West, author Ed Robertson reminds you from his canvass of memories that Garner’s character was basically a guy who believed in the Darwinian theory “survival of the fittest” and he didn’t give a hoot who knew it. He was his own man and damn proud of it.
What many fans didn’t know is that Roy Huggins, the show’s creator and producer, had to sue Warner Bros. to receive his legal rights and the respect he deserved. That’s Hollywood!
The “Maverick” history, like any great western soap opera, doesn’t hesitate to confront the myths and as well as its stark realities. Not only that, Robertson does an insightful job of analyzing the show’s revivals, The New Maverick, Young Maverick, and Bret Maverick and the Maverick motion picture. Should you be interested in seeing how the show was developed and promoted in the words of those responsible, then this book is a must read.
Fans of “Maverick” will also enjoy all the wonderful photos of Garner and his many guest stars. They include gifted actors such as: Diane Brewster, Louise Fletcher, Mona Freeman, Troy Donahue, Patricia Barry, Jack Kelly, Merry Anders, Robert Colbert, and so many actors reminding one of those wonderful early days on the tube. 
Maverick Legend of the West should be required reading in any film or TV class. It is definitely a beautiful gift from a man who respects and loves the power of film and television. Robertson is also host of the syndicated TV Confidential A Radio Talk Show about Television. Let's face it America, Ed Robertson deserves our applause! Let's hear it!

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