St. John's Confidential File
His Name is Lionel Seals!
By Michael St John
Aug 19, 2012 - 7:25:31 AM


HOLLYWOOD—Some individuals in this country have a powerful trait that sets them apart from the rest of
the world: no matter the challenge, they are able to clear the path of all obstructions. We have a lot of young men and women who possess the passion to create, build and explore a route that will bring people together. LIONEL SEALS has the potential to be one of those people.
Q: What did you think Hollywood was like when you were a kid?
A: I thought Hollywood was all about glitz and glamor. The typical Hollywood perception most people have. The land of Disney, and the place where you see movie stars walking the streets 24/7.
Q:  Who were your idols in the business at that time and why?
A: Always been a big Michael Jackson fan. Just as an entertainer, he always knew what to do to capture his audience’s attention. Jackson, without a doubt was an innovator as well as a trend-setter. He was always a very inspirational artist. Also, as a kid, I was a big Bootsy Collins fan. He was one of my favorites back in the day. That's actually where I got my nickname. I used to become Bootsy Collins whenever I heard his music playing.
Some of the actors I admired growing up were people such as Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Michael J. Fox, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman, and Samuel L. Jackson. My favorite directors were Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, George Lucas, and  John Singleton.
Q: When did you first begin to dream about being a part of the entertainment industry?
A: Since I can remember, the kids in my family have always been pretty  entertaining. My sisters, cousins, and I always saw ourselves as musicians or actors. Whether it was beating on bongo drums in the basement, or playing acoustic and electric guitars. Seems like we always had a different lead singer. I don't think we ever thought anything of it, besides it being fun while we were doing it. I don't think we ever saw it as a realistic goal.
Q: When you first began as a filmmaker did you realize how tough it was to achieve your dream?  What were some of the stumbling blocks or problems?
A: It's funny, because I never saw myself as a filmmaker. I guess the more you do something, the more people associate you with that. But the fact is, my business partner Christopher Cavalier actually wanted to start a film production company. He came from Los Angeles to Northern California after acting, writing, and doing some projects with Ford and wanted to do more behind the camera work. I think that's where he feel he has more flexibility. Personally, I think it allows us to show a more creative side. I was  brought on as a writer, and we both took on many things we didn't plan on in the beginning. Writing, editing, filming, producing, etc. It was, and still is a ride with several unexpected turns.

Q: What did you learn from producing your first video? What is Insane Buzz really about? What role does it play in the industry?
A: I actually learned that it's a lot of work. But it's not the type of work I envisioned. It's easier for me to do a lot of the things I do with film. But it was never really my passion. Music always has been. However, I think many things we're passionate about end up being a little tougher than we hope. Whether we make it that way or not; and some things we aren't as passionate about may be the things we're most talented at. That's kind of how I see my relationship with film. However, there's definitely a strong passion and interest there.
InsaneBuzz is really a worldwide movement in progress. We wanted to grow our global network and help as many people as we could in the process. The phrase "Get Buzzed" means get involved with www.InsaneBuzz.comto get the "buzz", or scoop on film, entertainment, and music. But also, we help to create a "buzz" about whatever it is an individual or company may be doing. So there's more than one meaning to that catch phrase.  
Q: What kind of stories do you wish to create as a writer-producer? Why?

A: I'd want to be known as someone who can write a variety of stories. I love to write and I think I can focus on any topic and present it in an interesting way. Comedies, scary movies, love stories, mysteries, etc. But there should always be an original and entertaining plot. When possible try to have a useful message. Whatever you do, make sure your audience takes something away from it. That it has a lasting effect. Entertainment and/or knowledge are two main ingredients.
Q: Are you more aware of yourself now than you were before you became a professional in the business?
A: I'm more aware of where I want to go in the business. I think working in the film industry, it allows you to create opportunities & build relationships that, if utilized, can help you go far. That's big for us, because we always hope to maximize our efforts in everything we do.
As far as becoming a professional, I always try to be professional and open minded whenever I'm working. I'm a sponge when it comes to knowledge.
Q: Who is Lionel Seals today?
A: Today, I'm someone who's learned a lot since getting involved in the industry. I'm constantly learning with every new project. I look forward to getting involved with a few projects that can change lives and contribute something of value to society. I think Sub Zero Motion Films and has some very interesting things in the works...

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