St. John's Confidential File
Jane Austen Unscripted: What A Treat!
By Michael St John
Mar 10, 2013 - 7:20:47 AM

HELLO AMERICA!—As usual theCarrie Hamilton Theatre which is a part of the renown Pasadena Playhouse PASADENA PLAYHOUSE is a source of wonderful theatre, "Jane Austen Unscripted" is a challenge for any actor who desires to test his or her understanding of the craft of acting. 

L to R: Edi Patterson, Mollie Taxe, Dan O'Connor, Tracy Burns, Brian Lohmann. Photo by Alison Inconstanti/Puck Photography.

The audience, of course, is informed that the show is completely improvised. The story is not planned and the actors have no idea which characters they will end up portraying. The story and dialogue are different every night. A careful study of Jane Austen’s storytelling techniques, archetypes as well as cultural context is the preparation and then “on with the show!”

The talented troupe of actors allow the audience to understand that there are likely to be some sisters who seek romance, and men who might provide it. Oh, some practice of the “dance” popular of the period is acknowledged. 

Members of the Impro Theatre ensemble. Photo by Alison Inconstanti/Puck Photography.

Because of the extraordinary talented actors involved in this kind of unscripted offering, one is immediately pulled into the story; even having a strong attachment to the characters presented to an audience who have no idea what the story is possibly about. And that’s the joy of it; one is glued to the stage wondering what these gifted people will conjure up next which might push the idea or story forward.

The Impro Theatre is comprised of the following actors: Tracy Burns, Kari Coleman, Lisa Fredrickson, Brian Jones, Stephen Kearin, Lauren Rose Lewis, Brian Lohmann, Nick Massouh, Jo McGinley, Dan O’Connor, Edi Patterson Paul Rogan, Michele Spears, Floyd VanBuskirk.

Set and Costume Design: Sandra Burns, Lighting Design: Leigh Allen: Choreography: Michele Spears, Poster design: Matt Buchholtz, PR: Ken Werther Publicity.   

Artistic director: Dan O’Connor, Associate Artistic Director: Brian Lohmann, Dean of the Impro Theatre School: Nick Massouh.

It was a wonderful evening of creative theatre offered by some of the most talented thespians we have in the theatre.


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