St. John's Confidential File
June Wilkinson: Girl Still Has It
By Michael St. John
Oct 11, 2012 - 7:57:14 AM

HELLO AMERICA! It was good to find that actress JUNE WILKINSON who was one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood is still around. Originally from Essex, England, she was introduced as England’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, as several others were labeled during the early 60s. June stood out because she was willing to learn her craft and not be thought of as a typical starlet whose business card was simply her publicized breast dimensions. After her pictures appeared in Playboy magazine, the doors of Hollywood opened wide.
MSJ: Had you posed nude before Playboy signed you for its centerfold?   
JW: No, I had not. I simply did a lot of modeling in London and also appeared on several television shows being featured in small parts. I enjoyed that enormously because it was an opportunity to watch some rather wonderful professional actors at work. Frankly, it was like being in a master class for actors. I loved every moment!
MSJ: Was it easy to fit into the Hollywood community once you got here?
JW: Of course, I had heard and read so much about the place as millions of others had. So, I thought I would feel very comfortable with the goings on. But I must admit that once arriving here and a certain reality set in that most of the casting people, directors and producers, really didn’t get excited about my acting talent, it was only the size of my breast, that was somewhat disappointing.  After all, there was Jayne Mansfield and a host of other rather beautiful girls who were mainly recognized for their sexual appeal.  And frankly it bothered me a bit because I needed so desperately to be respected as an actress.
MSJ: What kind of films did they offer you?
JW: I was signed to films such as “The Immoral Mr. Tease,” “Career Girl” and “Thunder in the Sun”, so many pictures you would consider as B-films.  But I didn’t care because at least I was in front of the camera as an actress and that meant much to me.  And I still posed for magazines and news publications were constantly requesting interviews. I was always headed for the airport for either New York, Paris, Germany or England. It was exciting because it gave me an opportunity to meet some very fascinating people.
MSJ: How about the theater? Where you offered work there?
JW: Oh, yes!  Definitely. I did several plays during the 1960 and ”˜70s. The one play that kept me on stage for years was “Any Wednesday” a comedy that people loved everywhere. We were here in Los Angeles quite a few times. We played Canada, Paris, London everywhere. I was the star and the reviews were wonderful. I learned so much about the craft of acting because of that play. I will always be eternally grateful for that opportunity.
MSJ: You’ve dated some very famous men during your time in the business. Who was one of the most exciting men you spent time with?
JW: It’s true, I have had some very exciting nights and times with a lot of men. ELVIS PRESLEY was fun but believe it or not, HENRY KISSINGER who was the Secretary of State at the time, in my opinion, was one of the most fascinating, sexy men I had ever dated or spent time with. Just listening to his voice was hypnotic. He could talk about anything. And he was a great kisser among other things! Need I say more?   
MSJ: During this time in your life, do you still have an urge to go out and spread your wings as you did when you were at the height of your career?
JW: That’s a very interesting question because my wings don’t spread that far these days, but I keep trying, if you know what I mean!
MSJ: Well, that’s show biz!

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