St. John's Confidential File
Jason Holmes: Audience Cried ”“ A Star Is Born
By Michael St. John
Feb 24, 2014 - 3:41:12 AM

HELLO AMERICA!—Young actor Jason Holmes responded to the call for the young lead of pre-broadway play “I Feel Sin Comin’ On.” The director, Barry Creyton, was so impressed he immediately signed him for the role. Now Holmes is preparing for the production to have a full run of the play in Los Angeles. Creyton noted: “When I watched several of the audience tear up when he was in one of the main scenes of the play at the Saban Theatre I knew then the casting was right.    


MSJ: What happened in your life that made you decide becoming an actor was your passion?


JH:   After trying to do what made everyone else happy, I realized I wasn’t. I did a lot of soul searching and the one thing that scared and excited me the most was acting. Ever since I was little, I was making movies with my dad’s camera or performing whenever I got the chance.  I decided if I wanted to make this my profession, I better get technically trained. I audited a Meisner class and was blown away by the honesty two actors could have. For the first time, I felt a home away from home. I knew then and there I wanted to be an actor and my journey began”¦


MSJ: Were there certain actors or films you viewed as a youngster that changed your view of yourself as well as the journey you might take?


JH:   The first one that comes to mind that made me think of my own freewill and the idea of choice would have to be “Dead Poets Society”. It made me look past the views of my small town upbringing.  


MSJ: What has been the most disappointing experience you’ve had since trying to conquer Hollywood?


JH: I was a supporting role on a new series and at the last minute funding was pulled and the project was cancelled. But all you have to do is ask any actor and you will hear similar stories. It’s all part of the journey of Hollywood!


MSJ: Are the classes you’re taking useful when dealing with directors and casting people?  If so, how?


JH: I would have to say classes with teachers who are working actors are the best. Although the most support has come from my mentors, these are the people who have shared their own struggles, frustrations and accomplishments. My love of my craft and their guidance continues to be invaluable.


MSJ: As an actor, what has been the most challenging experience you’ve had so far?  And how did you handle it?


JH:  The rejection. As an actor you get rejected constantly, it took me some time to realize the truth. When it comes to auditions all I can do is be prepared, show my talent and above all live in the moments I get to do what I love! The rest is up to the people on the other side of the camera.


MSJ: What have you learned most about yourself since becoming an actor?


JH: I have developed a unique point of view that is mine, rooted in the truth of my heart and that is what makes me, me.

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