St. John's Confidential File
Mike Altieri: Wears Many Hats!
By Michael St. John
Nov 28, 2012 - 8:30:07 AM

HELLO AMERICA!It is exciting to be part of an industry that is wide open, that is if you're tough enough to survive. You are put through tons of tests, but somehow the most gifted and talented get through. Speaking with actor-filmmaker Mike Altieri, he is definitely one of those who belong here in Hollywood. I believe you will agree.
Mike Altieri
MSJ: You are a filmmaker as well as an actor, what is it about this art that makes you so dedicated, no matter the problems or rejections?
MA: it's obvious now that Hollywood has become the real base for this country's royalty... I consider myself one that is fighting the war on narcissism which I believe is the true root of all global evil.  I am just so inspired by all of the Humanitarians here.
MSJ: What was the first film that made you realize filmmaking is the only life for you?
MA: "Rocky."
MSJ: What actor or actors impacted your desire in becoming a part of one of the toughest businesses in the world?
MA: Originally it was Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson... and then as I grew and discovered more and more about the industry in addition to developing personally as a man, my inspiration shifted to the many Actors that turned their celebrity status into a useful tool by helping those in need.  Humanitarianism became an additional goal of mine.
MSJ: Did you have grandiose ideas or impressions of Hollywood as a youngster?
MA:  No,
MSJ:  Is it difficult for you to watch a film without taking it apart from moment to moment? Is it hard not being a critic?
MA:  I do my best to stay in the suspension of disbelief at least the first time through a film... The movie watcher in me still appreciates being an audience member. However, that being said, I do love to re-watch great movies as a filmmaker and yes I do appreciate dissecting the works of the cast and crew.
MSJ:  What is one of the biggest challenges one faces when seeking recognition as a filmmaker or actor and why?
MA:  Raising money.  So many aspiring artists come here without the awareness of just how much of a business that it is.  95% fundraising and 5% filmmaking 
MSJ:  Because of the nature of the business, have you had to wear many hats in order to survive?
MA:  Yes... However, with great appreciation every step of the way.
One of the important facts here is enthusiasm can move mountains while ambivalence sinks ships.  I expect the same from everyone around me... It is a miracle to get any single film made... everyone involved should be enthusiastic and grateful the whole way through.
MSJ:  When you’re alone, and look into the mirror, what do you see?
MA: A man that is forever in development and I have grown to be accepting of that.
MSJ:  Do you recall when you are the happiest as a human being?
MA:  When I see my efforts have helped others... The look on their faces is very satisfying.  I look forward to a time when I can employ many.

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