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Paul Mischeshin: Actor Ready To Work!
By Michael St. John
Nov 4, 2012 - 11:22:57 AM

HELLO AMERICA!What a treat it is to talk with someone who has put in the time to learn his craft and makes it clear that he doesn’t plan to spend his time in coffee houses to make his dreams come true.  His name is Paul Mischesin, an actor to watch!
MSJ: As a youngster, who were some of your movie heroes or favorites and why?
PCM: When I was growing up there were a lot of actors I loved particularly in the action genre:  Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones/Han Solo), Charles Bronson, Roger Moore (as James Bond, although I love Sean Connery too), Christopher Reeves (in just about anything, but particularly Superman), and Bill Bixby as the hulk.  I think I’ve always been attracted to super hero/super hero type roles because I’m attracted to someone achieving an incredible feat which benefits others.  I also am attracted to heroic stories of someone who is just acting outside their comfort zone.  That kind of courage is empowering, and I love to see (myself), but others empowered.    
MSJ: What happened to make you decide to become an actor and later a writer-director as well?
PCM: When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I lost a tooth and it fell down the bathroom sink drain. I was incredibly upset because I lost a piece of myself, forever.  My parents were super sweet and then lost their temper with me because I wouldn’t stop mourning.  I remember, somewhere in this process looking down the drain and thinking, “I want a job in the future where I get to use my feelings.” 
When I was a junior in college I was cast as a lead in the production of “Inherit the Wind,” while I was a law student.  I realized I loved performing the law, not practicing it and that’s when I found my tooth experience.
Later, I realized that I should not only act but find a way to express my ideas that I could interest other people. That’s when I realized I should write.
MSJ: What kind of film-fare influenced you the most?
PCM: I’m a big "Star Trek" Fan, so I’d have to say "Star Trek: TNG."  But I love the old episodes, too!  And I love some of those original Sci-Fi classics:  “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” “War of the Worlds,” “Frankenstein.”  So, Sci-Fi has been a passion and interest.  I love all things baseball:  Love “Field of dreams,” “Major League”.  So: Sci-Fi, Fantasy-baseball-comedy? Is that a genre? LOL.  I love lots of genres but these are some of my favorites!
MSJ: When did you discover you had a talent for writing? And what kind of writing did you find you enjoyed the most?
PCM: When I was in 10th grade, I won a writing competition entitled, “My voice in America’s Future.”  My essay described a future where I would be active in it.  As an actor, I realized at some point that it wasn’t enough for me to only work in other filmmakers projects, but that I had ideas which were interesting to other people too.  It’s this collaboration process that I love the most about our industry.
MSJ: Are you more interested in films than you are in the theater as an artist and why?
PCM: Both venues are wonderful, but I’m drawn more often to film than theater. Don’t get me wrong, I love a live audience.  In fact, I recently performed stand up for a crowd of about 100 people, and it was exhilarating.  Yet, the intimacy of being on film, is incredibly magnetic to me.  I’m drawn to finding real truth in up close moments. 
MSJ: Through your efforts in trying to establish yourself in the industry, has your view of the world changed very much because of the challenges one has to face in order to succeed?
PCM: I hope so.  Perception is reality, and I’d like to say that my view of the world has opened pretty significantly since I was a younger man starting out in this industry.  I think as a younger man, I was significantly more fragile regarding rejection.  I think I learn and continue to embrace Edison’s famous phrase, “I haven’t failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” 
MSJ: What is your greatest passion at the moment?
PCM: I’m shooting a Sci-Fi short film right now.  I’d say that’s my greatest passion, although I have a deep passion for a baseball project that I’m writing and raising some money to shoot.  But, specifically anything that awakens my imagination gets my passion.  Any project where I can participate with others and come up with an end product that will positively affect other people is my passion. 
MSJ: Do you believe that being in Hollywood will enhance your chances creatively and why?
PCM: Pragmatically when you look at the sheer volume of work in California, and LA specifically, I absolutely believe being in Hollywood will increase the amount of work I do; simply by volume.  However, because there is so much work, there are A LOT more actors here too.  My goal is to become more creative in promoting my work in order to work more often, particularly being specific in the work that I do.
MSJ: When you’re alone and glance in the mirror what do you see?
PCM: I see a smile.  I see a guy who wants to connect to others and embrace the joy of supporting as much as leading other people in collaborative efforts.  I see a dude just trying to do what he does:  One project at a time.

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