Mommy Minute
What We Can Do To End Child Porn
By Rachel Greene
May 1, 2003 - 6:10:00 PM

LOS ANGELES — More needs to be done to ban child porn. How can that be done? I have no idea. As magnificent as the Internet can be, it is also a quagmire of filth. Shutting down sites isn't necessarily the answer because it's not getting the people making and / or using the site where they belong behind bars. Then you've got these guys who prey on kids in chat rooms. The whole thing is sick.

The Guardian Angel website.
I found a wonderful site at This is a great place to start for information and more importantly for reporting sites and activities that you may unfortunately stumble across. But, this really is an uphill battle. When our own government basically allows provocative pictures of children as long as no sexual acts are involved as well as allowing "virtual" porn, what are we parents to do? Of course, contacting our U.S. Government officials is a start. It is also crucial to educate our children on the do's and don'ts of the Internet. A good site for information on that is Filters can help weed out some of the scum but they aren't perfect and thus children need a heads up on how to be safe on the net.

Well, I don't kno
w if I've accomplished anything through writing these articles on child abductions. Have I kept one child safe? Have I helped empower a parent in this battle against evil? If I have, then mission accomplished. In any case, it is important that none of us stop doing what we can to keep our children safe. Headlines may have switched to Iraq and sniper attacks, but our children will always be in danger from predators.

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