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An Exclusive Interview With Kyle Lowder
Posted by Tommy Garrett on May 31, 2009 - 7:12:44 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—It’s been a few months since Kyle Lowder sat down with Canyon News and discussed his work on “The Bold & the Beautiful.” In one of the most fascinating roles of a lifetime, Lowder still remains optimistic about what is ahead for him as well as his character Rick Forrester. Lowder is compared to King Midas, who was known for having the Midas touch. He turns his scripts into gold every single episode he’s on. The handsome blonde Adonis is still at the top of his game, showing no signs of exhaustion, even though the marathon he’s been running every day on the show is unparalleled by any other daytime actor. Lowder may have been passed up for a Daytime Emmy nomination, but he’s proof that the best is sometimes overlooked when an actor is so flawless and ripe with talent, people think it’s not acting, they simply think he’s playing Kyle. He absolutely is not. Kyle Lowder and Rick Forrester have only one thing in common. Both are incredibly handsome. Other than that, it’s all make believe, thanks to super scribe Bradley P. Bell who helms the most watched show on the planet.

Lowder admits he’s working for the best. “I am always amazed by what Brad (Bell) has in store for Rick. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the character since I took over the role, but I can assure you, the fun is only just beginning.” Whatever Bell throws in the script, Lowder devours it and makes it exciting. When asked if he realized how lucky he is to be working opposite the costars he has, Lowder embraces it with pride. “I am very lucky to be working with John, Susan, Ronn, Katherine and Jacqueline. Everyone I work with I become a better actor because of what they bring to the table. They make me work harder to do the best work possible. And we are all very lucky to have Brad (Bell) writing and guiding us. Everyone knows we are doing the best work we can.”

Best work indeed. Bradley Bell is finally getting his due. The hardest working man in daytime soaps and his show are up for Best Dramatic Series in the Daytime Emmy category. With the two contenders following so far behind “B&B” in the ratings as well as in quality, it would be unfair to Bell and his soap to be overlooked for this deserved award. Lowder was overlooked, but he’s just glad to be working. “I am given a great opportunity every day to play a role that any actor would want to play. I simply want to improve every day and make my fans happy.” Happy fans, happy critics and costars. Lowder has no worries about giving his fans entertainment and enjoyment.

“Of course as an actor, I enjoy playing the scenes given, but then as a human being I worry about Rick going too far to the dark side. But this opportunity makes my work very liberating. I’ve been very blessed that writers and producers have bestowed this character with such a rich amount of emotions. He’s far from boring. Even Rick’s most controversial decisions offer me a chance to connect with the audience." Said Lowder.

He’s connecting with the audience. That is for certain. Lowder may not have been given his justice with a daytime Emmy nomination for Lead Actor or Supporting. But his fans are cheering worldwide for the character of Rick. A character which has evolved over the years and is no longer such a good guy. But Lowder’s performance is so amazing and breathtaking that he wins us over in the end. Watching Lowder as Rick and listening to the wonderful dialog Brad is writing for him is an absolutely astonishing process. Lowder was never a mediocre actor. Even when he was very young and on “Days of Our Lives” you could see the man he would soon become. But he’s outdone his own goals and there is no glass ceiling in his threshold of talent. Lowder can and will conquer the world of entertainment and acting as Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire thousands of years ago.

Kyle Lowder shows no signs of slowing down and shows us what great talent and amazing looks can bring here in Hollywood. If there’s any leading man on daytime television that compares, I can’t find him.


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.