Fans Help Electra Record Debut Album
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Jun 13, 2013 - 10:57:32 AM

HOLLYWOOD—The music industry is a difficult environment to excel in, however, the pop rock band Electra already has an incredible following without the need of a major record company.

Vocalist Electra Barakos grew up with music as a part of her life and has always known she would pursue a career in music. Growing up in Athens, Greece, Barakos was involved in many musical productions from a young age and attended a performing arts high school. After graduating, Barakos decided to continue studying music in Los Angeles where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Music-Opera from California State University Northridge.

Electra Barakos.

The band Electra took into formation soon after Barakos' graduation. The band includes Barakos' dad on bass, Yanni Barakos, Hyland Church on guitar, Dan Welby on drums and newest member

Ezequiel Dobrovsky on keyboard.

The band has played all around Hollywood in clubs like Whiskey, Viper, Club Nokia and Canyon Club while steadily growing their fan base due to their unique sound.
Electra has shared the stage with many well-known bands such as Lita Ford, Missing Persons, Berlin, Great White, War, The Tubes, TSOL and was also part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival in 2010 and 2011 along with Slash, Neon Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Motley Crue, Bush and Public Enemy. A particularly gratifying experience for Barakos was opening for Dilana Robichaux. "She called me on stage and we sang 4 Non Blonde's 'What's Going On' together. We had a lot of fun."

Electra has released two EPs along with music videos but decided it was time to release a full debut album. As the band releases their music independently, all the expenses for costs come out of their pocket. Therefore, they decided to launch a campaign on asking fans to help raise enough money to record their album. The campaign ran for 30 days and ended on Tuesday, June 11 with the band raising a total of $22,404 which was $7,404 over their goal.

"This successful campaign has been a complete inspiration," said Barakos. "We've had a pretty good following but I never realized how much our fans believe in our music."
Electra Barakos performing live with her band.

What makes Electra so unique is the band's ability to blend different styles such as pop, rock, opera and classical to create a dynamic sound that is unlike any other. Barakos co-writes both the music and lyrics for her band's songs with guitarist Church.

"I write most of the lyrics while he writes most of the music and then we come together to influence each other on both aspects. The rest of the band then add their own touch to the song with their own instrument," said Barakos.

Barakos believes her music is a reflection of who she is as a person and how her background has shaped her. "My songs are inspired by personal experiences and come from the heart," said Barakos. "
I love what I do. I always wanted to be involved with music and I would never give it up."

Electra's debut album will be recorded this summer and be released sometime in the fall along with a new music video. The band's next performance will be on July 20 at the Freedom Coalition Festival, one of many charity festivals that Electra takes part in.

To find out more about Electra or to hear their music visit or visit the band's Facebook page

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