The Bad Bad Things At The Viper Room
By Robert Meyers
Nov 13, 2012 - 3:41:10 PM

HOLLYWOOD—The Bad Bad Things are a drunk rock wall of sound that hits you at 80 miles an hour with a mix of folk, blues, and rock with a punk edge that kicks you right in a teeth. It’s the type of sound that’s gritty, fun, and beautiful all at the same time, as band member and rhythm guitarist Mikey Flores says, “It’s a drunk rock fiesta.”

The Bad Bad Things at the Viper Room (Photo By Robert L. Meyers)

This past Sunday TBBT showed patrons of the Sunset Strip’s Viper room just what that meant. Just before the band hit the stage TBBT played their debut music video—directed by Anthony Morejon—and followed up with mastery of musical showmanship. 

The band is made up of long time Los Angelinos whose tastes and musical influences cover a wide variety of artists from --the Beach Boys to The Velvet Undergound; Roy Orbison to Danzig; and everything in between.   It’s this vast mish mash of influences and taste, coupled with raw talent that gives the band such a unique sound.

“Hearing their music was like doing Tequila shots on St. Patrick’s Day, it shouldn’t go together, but it feels right and you can’t help but move your feet and sing along," said a patron of the Viper Room just after the TBBT performed.

The Band’s lead Vocalist—Kriss Deetch—is described as a southern raised child with a lot of west coast flair, influenced by her background in musical theatre and jazz, the charm of this southern belle comes out in each live show. 

Casey Bennet—the bands back-up vocalist and back-up percussionist—can pay a mean Harmonica and jaw harp, and acts and the bands “Hype Man."  With a life long passion for music this New Zealand-born Los Angelino, "eats and breaths tunes."

Sheldon Morley(Left) and Nate Wax(Right, (Photo by Robert L. Meyers)

Mikey Flores is the rhythm guitarist and back up vocal singer for TBBT, and had been writing songs for over half his life.  He is the bands “Rhythm Rebel straight out of Culver City.” 

Nate Wax has had a long background in music and has played around much of the Southern United States including the South by Southwest festival, considered by many to be a cultural nexus of film and music since ’87.  Nate began writing songs after joining the Bad Bad Things, which further fueled his creativity in vinting his own back yard wine, referred to affectionately by the rest of the band as “Bad Bad Wine.”

Terry Barajas is the band’s drummer.  In 2003, Terry helped start the death metal band Abysmal Dawn where he recorded two full-length albums before joining TBBT. 

The band came together in the summer of 2010 and since then has gained an increasing number of dedicated fans every time they play a show.  

In 2011, Sheldon Morley joined up with TBBT and has since brought a presence onstage as the lead guitarist and is no stranger to the venues of L.A. having toured with his old band Manic Automatic.

See the debute music video “Down in L.A.” off their new Album “The Warned About” hereand read more about the band here.

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