"Watching Movies With The Sound Off" Review
By Luis Cuevas
Jun 19, 2013 - 2:23:58 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Mac Miller’s second studio album debuted on Tuesday, June 18. He is a rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is signed to rostrum records who also manage Wiz Khalifa.

Mac Miller


Miller’s second solo project “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” starts off with the first song the “Star Room” with a nostalgic eerie tone with his voice distorted. He talks about the struggle of being a star and trying to cope with stardom. The album continues to “Avian” also an intimate song featuring pianos and drums. “I’m Not Real” featuring Odd Futures lyricist Earl Sweatshirt and Vinny Radio, a song that kind of just flows by and Mac Miller’s same flow makes it uneventful. “S.D.S.” the fifth track off the album is much more lively and allows the artist to let loose.


One of the stand out’s off the album is “Matches” featuring black hippy’s Ab Soul. “I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)” is also a good song in which Miller establishes a flow and one can feel the truth behind his rhymes. “Objects In The Mirror” is a love song in which he talks about moving on. “Red Dot Music” featuring Action Bronson is one of the more lyrical and classic hip-hop sounding tracks on the album. “Watching Movies” is much more modern and has a pop feel to it.


“Suplexes Inside Of Complexes And Duplexes” is one of the more impressive songs lyrically and musically. It features Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica, the master lyricist. “Remember” is a sad song in which he remembers a friend that has passed away. Though the album isn’t anything revolutionary or unique it does assert Mac Miller as one of the better up & coming rap artists of today as he makes significant strides in his music since his first album.

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