Musically Speaking
Ringo Remembers
By Mary Peterson
May 1, 2003 - 10:25:00 AM

Album cover for "Ringo Rama." Courtesy of
LOS ANGELES—He's been a member of the band that changed the course of music, an international jet setter and in later years an artist who paints pictures that transport the viewer to another world. Ringo Starr is one drummer and songwriter who has continued to make music and managed to maintain a solo career that culminated in his most recent production, "Ringo Rama" released in March 2003 and marked his 30th solo record. A tour will follow this summer featuring a new All-Starr Band.

Ringo's new songs pay a hard rocking tribute to his former band mates, which lends to the cohesiveness of the entire production. He remembers George Harrison and tells his friend I'm "Never Without You." The song's inception came from country writer Gary Nicholson with Mark Hudson, co-producer, and it features a guitar solo by Eric Clapton. With the opening lyrics, Ringo says, "We were young/ It was fun/ And we couldn't lose, then: We were headline news/Limousines and bright spotlights." The song offers insight into his life as a member of the Beatles.

"Imagine Me There" recalls Lennon's ethereal musings and "English Garden" evokes McCartney's love of pastoral surroundings. Country singer Willie Nelson even joins in as guest vocalist on "Write One For Me."

As a tribute album, "Ringo Rama" proves to be a true Ringo production combined with an exciting homage to the Fab Four.


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