Musically Speaking
Beatles Anthology On DVD
By Mary J. Peterson
Jun 1, 2003 - 4:58:00 PM

Released on April 1, 2003, The Beatles Anthology on DVD encompasses over 11 hours of footage chronicling the Beatles' career from the beginnings of the band to their eventual breakup.  The Anthology offers recent interviews with Paul, Ringo and the late George Harrison. Previously broadcast as a miniseries and produced by Neil Aspinall, the Anthology serves as a quintessential documentary of the Beatles by the Beatles. Comprised of footage taken from interviews, performances, studio sessions, feature films and home movies, the collection gives viewers a comprehensive and revealing history of the band and leaves little undisclosed.  Also included are 81 minutes of rare and unseen special features. 


The box set consists of five DVDs and is arranged chronologically with the first installment covering childhood recollections of the band members and the birth of the Beatles along with their rise to fame. Number two includes the Beatles arrival in America and the making of "Help." The third disc examines the years 1965 & 1966 plus their last concert in San Francisco on August 19 of 1966. Explored next is the "Psychedelic Era" with George's recollections of the "Magical Mystery Tour" and the establishment of Apple Records along with Abbey Road and John's and Paul's marriages. The fifth DVD offers an insightful look into the production of the anthology with unreleased footage recounting experiences of the past.


As a retrospective documenting the most beloved and influential band in recent history, The Beatles Anthology DVD will endure as the best.


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