Musically Speaking
Thunder Strikes Twice With Live Zeppelin DVD
By Mary Peterson
Sep 1, 2003 - 11:22:00 AM

LOS ANGELES—As if one Led Zeppelin live release after such a long drought of live material wasn't enough, the two DVD set "Led Zeppelin" comes along. Released on the same day as "How The West Was Won," the three CD set of previously unreleased live Zeppelin, this double DVD box set delivers over five hours of concert and performance footage never before available.

Covering the years 1969-1979, the DVD is the first release of Zeppelin's live performances taken from the archives. Coupled with the fact that the band resisted the camera during their legendary career proves that this footage is rare indeed.

Disc one contains the band's Royal Albert Hall performance on January 9, 1970, Jimmy Page's 26th birthday. This footage was originally recorded for television but never made it to the small screen or any other one for that matter until the release of this DVD. With the legendary Page on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals and harmonica, John Paul Jones on bass, keyboards and mandolin, and John Bonham providing powerful drums these performances drive home the fact that Zeppelin delivers a live performance far beyond any other band's capabilities. The songs included are from Zeppelin's first two albums with the band performing some cover songs as well. Also included is a promotional video for "Communication Breakdown" that has the band miming for the camera to an audio track that was pre-recorded.

Disc two contains outtakes from the motion picture "The Song Remains The Same" from Madison Square Garden in 1973, plus the Earl's Court shows from 1975 that have been bootlegged many times along the way and which feature acoustic versions of "Going To California" and "That's The Way." The finale is a set of songs performed in England for an exultant return by the band in 1979. This proves to be their final performance in the UK before the death of Bonham in 1980. Extras included on disc two are some interview clips and promotional videos for "Over The Hills And Far Away" and "Traveling Riverside Blues."

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