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Voice Of God
By Keith
Mar 1, 2003 - 11:27:00 AM

Contemporary Islam is fast becoming the 21st Century version of 1930's-era Fascism, complete with a fanatical, expansionist-minded leadership and an acquiescent Islamic world populous only too willing to accept hateful propaganda as a basis for political doctrine. Muslims truly want to believe, hence they become Believers in malicious rhetoric designed to fan the flames of fanaticism in a Medieval display of human brutishness.

Photo by Jessica Griffiths/Canyon News
The Allah to whom Muslims worship must be an evil entity indeed, if murder, suicide and gender-intolerance are part and parcel of his message, and shame on them for ignoring or not recognizing this. If Muslims in America are unwilling to take to the streets to loudly protest this evil perpetrated in the name of Islam, then I am suspect of their true feelings regarding Islamic terror. By refusing to demonstrate openly against intolerance, hatred and indiscriminate violence, they lend tacit support to those who deal in such. By remaining silent, Muslims in America are saying, "We want your freedoms, but not the responsibilities that go with it". This passivity aids and abets the haters who interpret it as quiet approval, further emboldening them to act while sheltered within the local Muslim community.

Are we ready for this in our midst? Should Americans be amenable to a diabolical force that would take the machinery of our democracy and manipulate it against us? Should our vaunted freedoms leave people free to attempt to destroy us? When is too much tolerance self-destructive? Currently, federal authorities are arresting high-profile Muslims regarding terrorist connections. Some are professors at American universities, others run Islamic charities, still others are religious leaders. All had quietly blended into Americana, all the while utilizing the tenets of a free, open and civil society to mask a hidden agenda, which, it turns out, is the destruction of our culture. We've seen this all before, culminating in the attacks of 9/11.

Do we really want to endure, in the future, what Israelis endure daily? Is it fair to expect Americans to share the land with those who don't share our values, and who would harm us as a consequence? I don't think so. And to those in-currigibles who think otherwise, then prove it to me. Show me a sign! Let me see Muslims in this country rise up and shout, "Bin Laden is wrong! We love our adopted country and we won't let it be attacked! They will have to kill us first!" Let's see thousands of Muslims in American streets waving American flags! Let's see some appreciation from a people who evidently feel they owe none. No one's asking for human sacrifice here, just a show of solidarity with a country that offers them so much. I don't suspect any of that will transpire, however, because Muslims are so busy praying that they don't hear the voice of God admonishing them for perverting His word.

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