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Altman On Caylee Anthony Film, Exclusive
Posted by Contributor on Aug 9, 2011 - 11:59:32 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—Weeks after the acquittal in the Casey Anthony death-penalty murder case, word came that famed filmmaker and producer Belle Avery would be involved in a film based on a fictional book about the case. Now Canyon News can report exclusively that there is at least one other film in the works based on an already bestselling book about the case of the 2-year-old tot Caylee Anthony’s death. Caylee was found discarded in a swamp just a quarter of a mile from the Anthony home in Orlando, Fla. “I did not follow the case from beginning to end. I have to admit I was very busy doing so many other projects, including preparations for a new talk show,” said famed Hollywood insider Alexandria Altman of Alexandria Altman Media Productions. “However, like everyone else, I watched the verdict. It will go down in history as an event similar to the O.J. Simpson case and 9/11; we’ll all remember where we were when these tragedies occurred.”

As Altman tells Canyon News exclusively about her decision, it becomes extremely obvious that she’s still torn emotionally, mentally and physically about her decision to join respected talent casting director Ricki Maslar, CSA and mother-daughter author team Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia, along with a distinguished Chicago-based filmmaker and director, in what will become a very informative documentary film based on the infamous case that gripped the nation. In what is obviously something Altman and the team want, there will be no exploitation of the case or the death of little Caylee Anthony. “It is important for anyone reading this, to know that this is not something Casey Anthony will be involved with at all, nor is this something she will benefit from. What this is about is to hopefully educate mothers and other parents who are in the grips of abusing a child, a relative, a parent, a pet, or anyone in their family being abused. We want people to watch this documentary, and if it saves one child’s life, then it’s worth it. This is not about money. I have turned down offers to write a book on the case and to be involved with productions that are about the money or exploitation. You know my work very well here in Hollywood for many charities, and I am not about that. This situation should never happen in America ever again,” said Altman.

Next month, Altman’s book series the “Cinderella Chronicles” will be released. She’s also in the process of completing a number of children’s Christian books. Her desire to promote positive things is very well known in Hollywood. Having known Altman, I can report, even though she did not want me to, that after she finally was convinced to be a part of this project, she became extremely ill and was taken to the hospital. She became physically ill over the idea of dealing with the content and subject matter of the Caylee Anthony murder case, but felt a growing need to educate the public. “This is not exploitation, as you know. I would never be a part of anything like that. Nor would the people involved with this project be a part of that as well,” said Alexandria.

On the subject of this upcoming project, Casting extraordinaire Ricki Maslar is very respected in Hollywood in her field. She would also not be a part of any project that exploited the death of Caylee Anthony, and her casting work is legendary. Altman is a celebrity writer, author, PR executive and established talk show hostess. “Currently I am working on a talk show that is similar to ”˜The View’ and ”˜Martha Stewart Living.’ You know that it’s very important for me to do things to help others, and again it is very important that the people out there, who are rightly boycotting anything that is in bad taste or supportive of the verdict Casey Anthony received are doing what they need to do. This is America and they should use their right to free speech in order to support legislation like the Caylee Law in Florida, which will hopefully end the practice of any parent who refuses to notify the authorities when their child goes missing,” said Alex Altman. “It makes me sick at the stomach all over again to think of a child’s mouth being duct-taped and then thrown out in a swamp like trash. But I believe we have to learn from this, this cannot happen again in America. I do not know where the jury came up with the verdict, maybe there was not enough evidence, but whatever it is, no one should get away with what happened to this little girl. It breaks my heart.”

Part of her battle against child abuse will be dealt with in her children’s book series. The woman who is considered to be “Miss Hollywood” is ecstatic to be working with casting guru Ricki Maslar. “Ricki is amazing at what she does, and she’s also such an extraordinary person, as you know. Have you seen her CV [Resume] lately. She’s one of the best in this town, and I am hoping that we can give you further news on the names we have who are being considered to play the Casey Anthony-type character and also Caylee and all the important figures in the story. One of the people is a very established A-list star being considered,” said Altman. “And she’s only considering it because of the documentary-style film we are working on and how it’s being done. I have not made a dime from this, and if I have my way, a major portion of any profits I receive will go to a foundation to help stop child abuse and to help others who are being abused to find a voice and a way out of their situation. That’s my mission.”

Having worked with established charities such as Johnny’s Angels, which devotes all of the money raised to Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalitio (CHPCC), and other children’s hospitals, Easter Seals, St. Jude’s, the Diabetes Foundation and Kick Start My Heart, which has worked diligently to put defibulators in airports across the country, Altman is an icon for change, hope and all things that help others, especially children. “It’s very close to my heart,” said the Hollywood insider. She’s also known for her work with Johnny’s Sea World, which also saves dolphins by donating all proceeds to Environmental Justice Foundation.

Altman wants to make a difference. She declined earlier offers that she believed were just exploitation and about making money and chose this project mainly because it will benefit other children in America, help educate abusers and offer a way out for them, so that no mother or parent will ever allow this to happen to any other child. “I was working on my children’s book series, ”˜Cinderella Chronicles’ and so many other things that are positive. This was the last thing I ever expected to come across my desk, but it did. And I decided to only do it the right way. So I ask your readers and the public to give us a chance and let us prove what we have in store for the public. Don’t assume the worst, because anyone who knows me knows I would never do anything to exploit this child’s death. That’s the last thing on earth I’d ever do,” said writer Altman. “We may not be able to bring Caylee back from the dead, but we can listen to her speak to us from the grave. We can give her a voice and that’s all I want to do.”

“There has never been a case this tragic in quite a long time. Certainly we all remember JonBenet Ramsey’s murder and Adam Walsh’s brutal murder. But this is along the lines of the Manson gang cutting the baby out of a pregnant Sharon Tate. This little girl deserved so much better than she was given on this earth. I hope people will work together to see justice for Caylee in the only way possible. This is my small way of doing so, and working with casting director Rick Maslar is a start of something very positive for this child’s legacy. Ricki is a real pro in this business and she will find the perfect cast for this film, which I pray people will just give a chance to spread some positive light over the darkness we all have seen hovering over this case over the past years. This will make abusers and potential abusers think about their actions. If someone is abusing their child or anyone, maybe they will recognize themselves in this, and then make changes in their life, get help, give their child up for adoption or find a therapist, family member or someone to help them, so you can save a child’s life. That’s the mission of this project.”

With producer and writer Altman, producer and casting genius Maslar, two internationally bestselling authors Walker and Filia involved, this project close to getting the green light in Hollywood, a lot of positive buzz, and if Altman has her way, she will change how children across America are treated forever.

DISCLAIMER: This article was a contribution made by an outside agency or person. The content has not been verified by Canyon News. Please exercise your due diligence prior to relying on this article for factual information. Canyon News is not responsible for the views, words, and opinions of contributors.


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