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New Lead In Boston Explosion Investigation
By Helya Askari
Apr 17, 2013 - 10:59:49 AM

BOSTON, MA—Boston Police, FBI, along with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, have found a breakthrough in their investigation of the Boston attacks on Wednesday, April 17. The police have reportedly commented that they have found video surveillance of a suspect in connection to the explosions.
Aftermath of Boston explosion. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.


While the details regarding the suspect remain unclear, reports have surfaced that the individual is a dark-skinned male.


Police have enhanced images from a video surveillance from nearby department store, Lord and Taylor that shows an individual placing a dark bag near a mailbox moments before the first explosions took place. Officials have also used another video from a local Boston television station to aid their investigation efforts.


While earlier reports indicated that the police had a suspect in custody, the justice department has reportedly stated that no such arrest has been made. It is still unclear if there are any other suspects that police are investigating at this time.


Officers have reported that the dark bag had inside it a pressure cooker filled with explosives and a timer used to detonate the bomb. Police have found the lid of the pressure cooker on the roof of a nearby building where the explosions took place.


Authorities believe that a similar metal device was used to carry out the second expositions that took place 12 seconds after.


The police have delayed the news briefing until 2 p.m. where more information regarding the suspect and the details surrounding the case is expected to be released.

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