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Shooting At Houston College Injures 3 People
By Robert Meyers
Jan 22, 2013 - 1:12:50 PM

HOUSTON, TEXAS—Lone Star Community College in Houston was the scene of a shooting Tuesday afternoon.   At least three people, including one gunman were reported to have been severely wounded and are currently undergoing surgery, according to initial reports. 

First responder attending to a shooting victim, (creidt: @furisd/Twitter)

The campus was placed on immediate lock down, according to Campus Spokesman Jed young, following the reports of the shooter. 

Details are unclear at this time, but the shooting may have been over an unknown dispute that took place in the school library, where the involved parties may have fired upon each other. 

In addition to Lone Star, several other school facilities in the district also went into lock down. Authorities believe there may be a second shooter and there is currently a manhunt to find them. 

A person of interest has already been taken into custody, according to Harris County Sheriff's Maj. Armando Tello.

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