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Casey Anthony Pregnancy Shocker, Exclusive
Posted by Contributor on Jul 17, 2011 - 10:23:29 PM

ORLANDO, Fla.—With Casey Anthony about to be released from Orlando County, Fla. jail on Sunday, authors Kathleen McKenna and Marti Rulli are set to release their fictional version of how 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered, as well as their version of the aftermath of the case that has gripped the nation and is being called the trial of the 21st century in America.

Casey Anthony Free To Party Again
Casey was acquitted of first-degree murder in the case, but attention is still on the former defendant. Casey is fielding offers from news organizations including ABC News. Barbara Walters got the first interview with Anthony’s lead defense attorney Jose Baez, and HLN has been vying for every witness in the case. The coverage on most networks is as unbiased as it can get, but McKenna and Rulli, who are no fans of the Anthony family, are prepared to battle the firestorm of attention and are hoping to offer their version of what they believe happened in this case. Both women find the intensity of this case appealing as writers and journalists, but devastating on a human level.

McKenna admits to not being as shocked at others over the not guilty verdicts. “I wasn’t as surprised as I wanted to be. Juries are notoriously, well, let me say fickle and be kind here. This particular jury wanted stories told to them. The prosecution used evidence instead. Jose Baez told them a story, a fascinating one [and] they liked him for that, so they rewarded him and her. It's unfortunate that the opening chapter of our book tells the story they wanted to hear, one corroborated by evidence, but still the prosecutors didn't see the need to also be writers and that's how we all ended up with this truly unpalatable ending. As for the book though, this verdict changed one chapter only, the last one,” said the famed author.

After talking with many relatives of the Anthony family, the authors finally found solid sources, not gossip within the family. “I have been working with two incredibly decent members of her family, who are both shocked and devastated and quite confused as well that they were not called by the prosecution to share incredibly valuable information with the jury. As for the rest of her family, my impression is they are more concerned now about whether or not anyone will want to have them on TV when they can have Casey,” said McKenna. “We both had communication with Pam Plesea, Cindy Anthony’s ex-sister-in-law, and although she gave basic information to us, as well as to Nancy Grace’s TV show, when it came down to standing up for Caylee, she failed to do so. This isn’t the case with newest two solid sources. They are simply great people, and they also went to the authorities to help solve the missing girl’s case,” said McKenna.

“It would be shocking to your readers to know how much factual information on the case we managed to dig up. I have learned that this family had canyon-sized fissures in it from day one. All these interviews and I have yet to hear one happy or even normal interaction from either side of the relative line," said McKenna. "No matter how far back you go, it's one sad, odd tale after another. To me now this tragedy and death seems almost inevitable. Another interesting thing is how completely matriarchal they are. Casey is the third-generation female from their clan to be tough as nails.”




Author Kathleen McKenna
When asked what commentators she found most credible on the Anthony case, when it was so much hyperbole from day one from an infamous shouting TV hostess on HLN. Kathleen laughed, then said, “I enjoyed Dr. Drew. He managed to combine humor and kindness and an honest almost stunned vulnerability throughout his coverage. Then Vinnie Politan; he strikes me as a truly decent man who didn’t embellish his reporting. I’d like to add that in this case why would anyone want to embellish? Wasn’t there enough in the way of shockers to need to add anything? Contrary to what people have heard, Casey Anthony was not trying to conceal her pregnancy. When she arrived for her uncle’s wedding she had on a form-fitting white cami top, which clearly showed her protruding stomach complete with popped-out belly button. It was only after people innocently said to Cindy [Casey's mother] and George [Casey's father], how come you didn’t tell us she was pregnant that Cindy (not Casey) denied it?” said author McKenna. “George may have tried to come clean but was silenced by his wife Cindy. The next day Casey, not known for modest clothing, was totally covered up (like an Amish person) and George did not attend the wedding. Whether that is because he refused to play along anymore with Cindy's deception to deny Casey was pregnant-stance in public and was told by Cindy to stay away or because he found it disgusting to deny what was obvious to perfect strangers is anybody's guess. Also sadly it seems that George's last suicide attempt may not have been his first. George is a tragic figure in many ways.”

More shocking revelations and stories from the two authors will appear in their blockbuster novel. I have seen an advance copy, and it’s truly best-seller material. This book rivals all the books that were written on the JonBenét Ramsey case and even the O.J. Simpson double murder trial.

Photographs are Courtesy: Casey Anthony from Facebook and Kathleen McKenna by the author.

DISCLAIMER: This article was a contribution made by an outside agency or person. The content has not been verified by Canyon News. Please exercise your due diligence prior to relying on this article for factual information. Canyon News is not responsible for the views, words, and opinions of contributors.


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