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FBI Disarms Colorado Gunman's Apartment
By Ryan J. Beard
Jul 22, 2012 - 3:53:21 PM

AURORA, COLORADO—In a recent news brief Aurora Police Chief, Dan Oates, stated that he and his colleagues are “sure as hell angry” regarding the recent shooting at a movie theater in Colorado that wounded 59 and killed 12, and the intent to injure others with booby traps found in the suspect's apartment.
Suspect James Holmes

Over the last twenty-four hours, bomb specialists have been carefully disarming improvised explosive devises. FBI bomb specialist James Yacone stated that the FBI “rarely deals with threats this complex,” and that inside the apartment was an “extremely dangerous environment.” 

Yacone further stated that that “the threat has not been completely eliminated,” but “significantly reduced.” The process to disarm the improvised explosive devises found in the apartment was very complicated and involved the use of a robot to make first entry and disarm the booby-trapped door, stated Yacone. In addition to the multiple improvised explosive devises were containers with accelerants and triggers “designed to kill whoever entered it” stated Oates.

The suspect possessed full body armor, several guns and thousands of rounds of ammo. 

“The suspect had a high volume of deliveries to his work and home address in the last four months,” stated Oates, leading to “evidence of calculation and deliberation. Additionally, the ammo and weapons the suspect purchased were all purchased legally, stated Oates. The FBI continues to collect evidence within the suspect’s apartment.

Notable of the incident was the effort of the first responders. “The first responders went above and beyond,” stated Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan.  Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper also commended the first responders and went on to state that the incident was isolated. The “unspeakably troubled individual” has caused “lifetimes of recovery for the victims,” stated Hickenlooper. In response to this tragedy, has set up a charity fund to help pay for victims medical bills and “give people a fair shot at rebuilding their lives,” stated Hickenlooper. 

Towards the end of the news conference, the Aurora Fire Department Chief, Mike Garcia, encouraged people to “go out and see a movie, don’t be afraid.” However, many in Colorado still can’t help but be hesitant to see a movie at the theaters with such a astonishing tragedy in the back of their minds.


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