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Massacre At "Dark Knight Rises"
By Staff
Jul 20, 2012 - 3:45:07 PM

COLORADO—A massacre took place at around 12:30 a.m. at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater when a gunman, dressed all in black and reportedly covered in armor and possibly attempting to impersonate a SWAT officer, began attacking the crowd.

The gunman (who was later identified as 24-year-old former neuro science graduate student James Holmes) opened fire at moviegoers who had come to watch "The Dark Knight Rises" at a Century 16 theater.
A shooter killed at least 14 at a premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

No clear motive had been put forth by officials as of press time.

Holmes reportedly walked into the theater about 15 minutes after the film's scheduled midnight start time, when he began to spray the crowd with bullets. He released "some sort of canister" which spread a gas into the crowd, according to Police Chief Dan Oates, speaking at a news conference.

The gunman's attack left at least 14 dead and around an estimated 60 injured. The age of the youngest victim is 6. Victims were transported to six area hospitals.

The suspect was apprehended outside of the theater and according to officials, had started to comply with requests for information. His apartment was later identified and officials realized the apartment was rigged with numerous wires and possible bombs. Police and FBI officials are searching the area for more explosives and experts are considering whether to detonate the devices in Holmes's apartment in their search for further evidence and answers.

Holmes had a rifle, hand gun, tear gas and ammunition on him when captured. He shortly admitted to having explosives at his apartment, which officials then began to investigate, calling the devices significantly advanced. The police are working with the FBI to search the area for more explosives.

"The Dark Knight Rises" opened on Friday, July 20, and many moviegoers, eagerly anticipating the action film, planned to attend midnight showings of the movie throughout the country. The shooting appeared planned to coincide with a larger-than-usual Friday movie attendance rate, since the film is expected to perform strongly at the box office. The film is Christopher Nolan's third entry into his reboot of the "Batman" story, and stars Christian Bale.

Aurora is a city near the larger Denver, Colorado.

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