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Natalie Wood Death Investigation, Exclusive
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Sep 20, 2011 - 10:52:33 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, September 17, a package which included statements from witnesses who wanted their voices to be heard just prior to the 30th anniversary of the death of legendary actress Natalie Wood was delivered to Sheriff Leroy D. Baca’s office at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. On Monday, I spoke with author Marti Rulli, who has spearheaded the campaign alongside Wood’s surviving sister, Lana Wood, in hopes of getting the suspicious death case reopened and reinvestigated. Sheriff Baca did not return calls to the media, however, Canyon News will be calling again this week after the esteemed lawman has an opportunity to read the documentation presented to his office and detectives with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Actress Natalie Wood
Rulli tells Canyon News exclusively, “Yes, the online petition asking for Natalie’s case to be reopened, started by attorney Vincent Deluca, was delivered today to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, accompanied by six signed statements: one from Natalie’s sister, Lana Wood, officially requesting the case be reopened, one from Dennis Davern, that includes his full witness account, one from Marilyn Wayne who heard Natalie’s cries for help but was never interviewed by authorities, one from Roger Smith, the Coast Guard Captain who recovered Natalie’s body and believes she lived hours through the night in the cold ocean (as a simple test I performed wearing a down jacket in water proves is most likely), one from a licensed, certified psychologist (Coroner Noguchi was never able to complete a psychological profile), and one from me which includes the list of evidence overlooked in the initial investigation.”

Rulli as well as Lana Wood are determined to see justice served in this case. Although Lana never accuses anyone of committing a crime, she does believe the case was closed too quickly, and she fears that her family’s star power may have been involved in the decision to call the death an accidental drowning in order to close the case and protect others, who may have had a lot to lose if the case had been thoroughly investigated. “It’s time to openly and honestly address her death, and then hopefully some part of me, and her children, can find some small bit of closure,” said Wood previously to Canyon News.

Natalie Enjoying A Sunny Day On Splendour

Author Rulli added, “We can only hope that a new staff will not be intimidated by an old staff, and deem reopening this questionable case the right thing to do. This November marks the 30th anniversary of the tragedy and one of the petition signers (#768) said it best with this plea to the LACSD: ”˜I suspect you are already aware of the glaring discrepancies in this case. Perhaps you feel past mistakes don't impact on the LACSD today. You would be mistaken. People want to know that loved ones counted for something and got every measure of justice they were due. If it happened yesterday or 30 years ago we need to know that justice matters to the LACSD and the pursuit of it transcends timelines. Ms. Wood deserves that. We all do. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ I concur with this petitioner’s statement, Tommy, and hope that this case will get a second look, or even a first look for that matter.”

The beautiful yacht the Splendour was the last place Natalie Wood was ever seen alive. Thanks to Marti Rulli and yacht captain Dennis Davern for sharing these exclusive images of the yacht, Robert Wagner on the yacht and the late Natalie Wood on her family’s yacht in happier times. Rulli refused to give up, stating that her bestselling book and this petition delivered to the LACSD is only the beginning of her efforts to seek justice in this case, whatever it happens to be.

Robert Wagner On Splendour

“Her grieving family, friends, and fans were offered the scantest details, but many always suspected something sinister. Natalie’s case is one of the most botched investigations in not only Hollywood history, but American history as well. She deserves better. The public deserves better. All of the evidence is available. It’s high time and long overdue for the authorities to own up to it and give Natalie the dignity she deserves by attaching the truth to her untimely death,” concluded author Marti Rulli.




Exclusive Photographs of Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner on Yacht Splendour Courtesy Dennis Davern

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