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New Book Based On Caylee Anthony Murder
By Tommy Garrett
Jun 25, 2011 - 12:01:43 AM

ORLANDO, Fla.—Author Kathleen McKenna has dabbled in fiction writing for quite a few years. Now with co-writer Marti Rulli, who wrote “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour,” the two are penning a fictional story about the death of Caylee Anthony.

McKenna recently published “The Wedding Gift.” The Alaska native was tired of the cold and planted her heels on the Lower 48, and she now spends every waking moment following the trial of Casey Anthony, who is accused of and is standing trial for the murder of her 2-year old daughter Caylee.

Author Kathleen McKenna

As an Alaskan, Kathleen is used to things occurring outside of her control, and then she learns to make the best of it. The author has written eight novels to date and recently nearly lost all eight when her laptop and her back-up drive failed simultaneously. At the last count, seven had been recovered.

“The Wedding Gift” was Kathleen’s third novel, the first of a supernatural trilogy. The second in the series, “The Comeback,” will be published by Night Publishing.

Little Caylee Anthony is etched in our minds and hearts around the U.S. and the world ever since she was reported missing by grandmother Cindy Anthony in July of 2008, which 31 days after she hadn't been seen. Her mother never reported her missing, and since the trial began in May, we’ve been witness to tales of incest, murder, corruption and family dysfunction. Though McKenna and Rulli plan on a fictionalized version of the case, they have been in touch with the primary players in the legal trial ranging from the Orlando Police Department to prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s office to report details that have found their way into the case.

Last weekend, Kathleen shared a shocking revelation to me about chloroform, which has taken center stage in the Anthony murder case. “It is a substance we believe is readily available or was available at the Anthony home during the time Caylee was living,” said McKenna. “Over the last few days, my co-author and I experimented with chloroform and hamburger patties, and let us just say, the results were conclusive and shocking in our home-experiment.”

Due to public safety, and not wanting to encourage others to try the potentially dangerous experiment, I will not describe the details of the experiment in this article. Needless to say, on Monday morning last week Kathleen contacted the office of the Orlando City Prosecutor, and employees were very interested in what she had to say. She believes that the questioning during several cross-examinations in the case were related to the information she and her co-author delivered to authorities.

Now working on reviewing court transcripts, the two famed authors are collaborating on what they hope will become a bestselling novel about the case. “We are working very hard, but it is still very sad to think of this poor little girl being dead allegedly at the hands of her own mother,” said Kathleen McKenna.


Photograph of Kathleen McKenna Courtesy of the Author

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