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Pelosi To Stay As Democratic House Leader
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Nov 14, 2012 - 9:35:02 PM

WASHINGTON D.C.—Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives, announced her plans to stay in the next Congress as the Democratic leader on Wednesday, November 14.
Nancy Pelosi

"So, I have made the decision, that some of you may have some interest in, in order to continue work on empowering women, to making sure our Affordable Care Act is enforced in a way that no longer will being a woman be a pre-existing medical condition, to work with the President to create jobs and grow our economy in a way that empowers women in the workplace," said the liberal San Francisco congresswoman to her caucus in a closed meeting.

Prior to the announcement, it was unclear whether Pelosi would step aside as Democrats failed to regain the majority. She said that many members of her party encouraged her too remain as the Congressional leader for the 113th Congress. Additionally, she stated in the press conference that she will remain in leadership in hopes to help more women get elected, curb the influence of money in politics and maintain the health care law she wanted to pass in 2009.

“From the standpoint of the victory that we had at the polls, I wouldn’t think of walking away,” Pelosi said.

Republican  representative, John A. Boehner of Ohio, was chosen as his party's candidate for speaker and is expected to be re-elected by the full House when it meets next month. Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada will return as majority leader and Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell was re-elected as Republican leader. Senator John Cornyn of Texas will replace Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona as the No. 2 Senate Republican.

Pelosi, 72, was elected into House in 1987 by the Democratic rank and replaced Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri as House Minority Leader in 2002. In 2010, she ran again for minority leader after Democrats lost control of the chamber and stayed in hopes they would regain the majority.

"There is no better person to preside over the most liberal House Democratic Caucus in history than the woman who is solely responsible for relegating it to a prolonged minority status," said Paul Lindsay, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

“This decision signals that House Democrats have absolutely no interest in regaining the trust and confidence of the American people who took the speaker’s gavel away from Nancy Pelosi in the first place,” Lindsay said.

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