Los Angeles Public Transportation Confusing?
By Elizabeth Strack
Feb 11, 2007 - 12:12:00 AM

LOS ANGELESThis is really cool! Now you can find point-to-point directions in the greater Los Angeles area using public transportation. The already successful online directions resource,, has recently expanded making the Los Angeles Public Transportation System the first west coast transportation system in its database. The Web site, which already covers six major cities in the United States, provides users with a complete navigational resource for public transportation throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.

Jenna Skarzenski / Canyon News
With over 1.5 million people that live in Los Angeles already utilizing the metro every day, the Web sites launch represents an important resource for Southern California residents. Many are in desperate need of relief from the relentless bumper-to-bumper traffic, and provides an easy way to get where you need to go using public transportation.     

The Web site is unique from other navigational Web sites because it allows users to find point-to-point directions for anywhere in the counties it covers using different modes of transportation. In addition to the usual driving directions, it provides directions when using the MTA bus or train, and even when walking. How do they do it? has closely studied each city's public transportation system and created specific directions and maps covering the Port of L.A. to the San Fernando Valley.

"The Los Angeles area has always been plagued with tremendous traffic and public transportation represents an easy, efficient alternative for saving time and money," Marc Sellouk, CEO of, stated in a PRWire report. "What we provide at is a single source to help anyone -- tourists, residents, commuters -- determine the fastest and most accurate way to get where they're going by car, bus, rail, or walking. All a person needs to do is have a destination in mind and will take care of the rest."

In addition to directions, the Web site recently added four new advanced features unique to L.A. including "Local Guides", an easy to use directory of businesses and vendors. "Local Guides" allows users to create itineraries, maps and detailed directions to and from selected locations in seconds. It also notes the cities top points of interest: restaurants, sporting arenas, nightlife venues, tourist attractions, and even LAX car services. 

"Flights, Hotels and More", powered by Travelocity, offers one-stop shopping to compare and book flights, hotels, and even vacation packages-they even pay attention to the details of renting cars and buying tickets to events. The new "Language Feature" offers the convenience of 14 different language translations of the directions to accommodate L.A.'s diverse ethnic population. Lastly, "My Public Routes" remembers users previously entered locations to create a faster and more personalized way of searching for directions. plans on soon expanding to serve more cities in the United States and internationally. To relieve your traffic frustrations, simply log on to the Web site and plan out your trip using public transportation:

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