New Light Bulb Law Saves Energy
By Harriet Stinberg
Mar 4, 2007 - 3:50:00 PM

A new fluorescent bulb.
LOS ANGELES Since more people are becoming aware of our environment regarding global warming, more attention is being made to improve the situation.  Within a few years a new type of light might be burning in our homes.

California lawmakers are considering a ban on the "old-fashioned" incandescent bulbs beginning in the year 2012. At the present, incandescent bulbs account for 95 percent of light bulb sales.  It has been decided that by replacing the present type of globe with a low energy long lasting, compact fluorescent bulb, it would slash electricity consumption by 75 percent. Proponents are saying that this change can not only save on electricity bills, but it would cut the energy problem that contributes to the Earth's warming. 

Wal-Mart is promoting it and Australia is viewing it as an easy way to save energy and curb global warming. Wal-Mart is promoting the new bulb and is urging all of their customers to buy at least one.

A retired aerospace engineer is very happy about this new idea. He says that he uses the new type of bulb, and besides saving him on his electric bills, he is also saving energy, so he's very much sold on this new perception.

The companies that are presently making the incandescent bulbs are not too happy about this new proposal. The talk about this ban is not only taking place in California, but in Australia and Great Britain.

General Electric, the largest light bulb manufacturers in the United States, said that it was developing a newer type of incandescent bulb to replace the older type. They say that it would be twice as efficient as the current version and would be ready for market in 2010. This company wants the public to be aware that they have choices.

Many energy conscious people are very happy to hear about the California ban bulb bill. They are glad to know that the government is beginning to take steps in enforcing energy-efficient standards. The bulb bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys), called Outlawing Traditional Incandescent Bulbs, thinks it's a good idea, and that it would not only save energy, but would not be an inconvenience to the public. 

Some consumers who have become aware of the new bulb complained that they do not like the new shape of the light bulb or the type of light it gives off.

It has been predicted that many low-income individuals may reject the new fluorescent light bulb because it is more expensive than the standard ones. However, those who support the new bulb say that it will last much longer than the standard ones.

It is too early to know how popular this bill will be in the State Legislature and with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger which was just introduced recently.


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